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  1. Hey everyone!
    I've seen a few guys riding these awesome looking motorized bicycles over the summer and instantly knew I had to build one. I ordered a 26" Super Classic Cruiser from Makai Bikes and an 80cc Raw engine kit from Ebay. Bike took maybe an hour to assemble and the engine kit took roughly 5-6 hours to install. Coulda been a little faster but it was my first so there was a lot of "shoot, I have to take that back apart to do something else" as the instructions weren't very clear.
    Anyway, thing fired right up, but feels like idle is stuck really high. Tried adjusting idle setting but it doesn't seem to want to drop. I think maybe throttle linkage needs checking out but all in all I'm super stoked.

    Holla Back

  2. Chris Crew

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    check your carb and intake manifold for air leaks

    Doesn't hurt to put a little teflon tape and an O ring around the mani before you slip the carb on.

    Too much air in a two-cycle makes it run very fast and very hot---but not for very long.

    Good luck, wear a brain bucket and have a good time.
  3. Thanks....will do!
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    Welcome to the forum.
    I wish you well towards chasing down your high idle issue.