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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by wrightmor, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. wrightmor

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    I have moved from Fl to TN (almost Virginia). Lovin these mountains
    a lot, and the bike is doing pretty good on these hills-- at least, it was when I was about 100 miles south visiting my daughter. Back to the old "no idle" problem i had when I first got the Motor. Hoping nothing that can't be fixed by adjusting those two carb screws again. Psycho helped me a lot to get started with that initially.
    Anyway, thot I would check in and try to be more sociable with this forum, not just when I got a problem. Will be checking in more often and reading posts and getting acquainted better.

  2. motorpsycho

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    You may have to go through carb adjusting again and possible a jet change.
    The change in the air temp, humidity and elevation can change the way a carb works.
  3. wrightmor

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    Got my Idle back.

    I was wondering about the altitude. Think I read another post regarding subject before I posted. I got out on the road where I had room to stop and go and managed to get the idle now (like weedeater). But acceleration produces stall. I have about run the one screw (idle, i think) all the way out but not quite. turning the mixture screw doesn't change the stalling though it does kill the idle if I turn too much.
    Carb was loose to start with. Was almost off the neck of the mount. I shoved it as far as it would go and tightened it. I am riding 2 miles out one way with little difficulty like it is, but the ride is sluggish. It's just trial and error. I'll get there.
    Want to be able to ride to library (4 mile trek) without least trouble. It was running great earlier this year but it was about 100 miles south (altitude not quite as high).
  4. BAM

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    Ckeck your intake gasket mine sucked into the motor ran real bad. replaced it and off I went also you might want to move c clip in carb. I went up two noctches made a big change I dont know if yours has c clips but worth a try good luck!