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    I have been reading this site and the other site for a couple of year. I have built 3 motor bike with 2 strokes and still have all three. The first was a Schwinn chopper and the next two were Schwinn cruiser. Both of the Motor Bike forum have been extremely helpful. I ride recumbent bikes/trike (no motors) , antique care and airplanes. I live in Ariz in the winter and Kansas in summer time. Really enjoy the info on these sites. Thanks Mike

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    Welcome to MBc. What 'bents do you have?
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    Welcome cptn_jon !!! :D

    We've chatted on the atomic zombie site.

    Good to have you aboard!!
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    Thanks for the welcome. I have a ICE T for my main ride and a Trek R200, Lighting P38 among others for the two wheel. I had the ICE for about 2 years and have 5000 miles on it. Most of the riding is state ride like Bike Across Kansas etc. Have taken some short self contain rides, just 2-4 day pulling a trailer that I built for my trike. I really enjoy the motor bike thing especially since I put the cruisers together. The OCC chopper is neat looking but rides terrible. Thanks again for the welcome. Mike