Just rotten news: bicyclist struck by car

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Happy Valley, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. Happy Valley

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    This happens everywhere I know...but this was hard to take. This is a pretty busy road. My wife and I were at the scene, the third car to stop after it happened.
    Guy got clipped from behind. There was a debris trail a hundred feet long, a helmet here (he was wearing one but it came off), a glove there, bike parts and broken car headlight lens all over. He ended up on the opposite side of the road and was one messed up dude. Ambulance got there amazingly fast, cell phones have their good points.
    Never seen a bike more trashed, good Mtn bike, frame crushed, wheels folded, both tubes on the Rockshox snapped clean in two four inches below the headset.
    Prayers go out. Be careful out there.

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  2. eleseur96020

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    terrible, my thoughts go out to his family.
  3. brendonv

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    dam, gotta be real careful riding bikes and motorized bikes on main roads and busy roads. Cars never look out for bicyclists and/or dont care, its more or less "im bigger than you so u watch out for me". I hope the guy is ok, lucky he was wearing a helmet!
  4. levsmith

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    wow my prayers go out to him and his family. I know it can be dangerous. The other day, me and my sister we riding back to the college from walmart on pedal bicycles and some jerk that was probably drunk was right on my sisters tail cussing and screaming to get out of the way. Well there aren't any sidewalks for a couple blocks in that spot, so we couldn't go anywhere. then at the next block he zoomed by me cussing and screaming and slammed on his brakes at the stop light and went halfway out into the intersection. he continued on and went into a parking lot that came to the oppisite corner of the intersection and got out of his car and started cussing some more and walking toward us saying that he was going to kill us. so we ended up riding to a goodwill and going inside for a while to make sure he was gone, then rode back to the college. I was MAD. So this week i made sure that i brought my knife. well anyways, enough of my talking. Good luck to that guy and keep us updated if you can.
  5. Pablo

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    Wow - any update this PM?
  6. s_beaudry

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    Even when we keep safety first, sometimes it is out of our control....

    Hope he has a quick recovery and he gets back on his bicycle very soon!
  7. DUDE riding a bike on route 9! d@mn that guy has a set! There are a few roads I would never go near on a bike and route 9 from worcester to framingham is darn near the top of that list. People are insane on rt9, on cell phones and speeding like it's 128... And they don't look when they are passing or merging. Then add to that the state of the road- it's deplorable. The woman who hit him probably thought she hit a really bad pot hole!

    There is not much worse than being the first on scene at a terrible accident. I hope that he is okay but I hope that you too take care of yourself.
  8. Happy Valley

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    No update.....which is probably a good thing if you know what i mean.

    This was Leicester, west on 9 towards Amherst....which is a little better than the stretch you're talking about, a little better but not much, at least for this guy.

    But hey, living here we all cross or sometimes are forced to make short runs down busy streets.....it only takes a hundred feet.
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  9. machiasmort

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    Up here in NY a Lady blew a stop sign and almost ran me over. Shouting match ensued. She and Male occupant felt I was totally in the wrong for having a motor on the bike although I was in 100% perfect compliance w/rules of the road. She blew the stop sign...
    In the heat of the moment, I did some barking back... Explained what stop meant and told her if she was so right she could always turn the car arround and hit me...
    I'm glad things didn't escalate, I would have felt very bad for them.
    What's wrong with people these days? You shouldn't have to fear ridding a bike anywhere, period! That's comming from a guy who delivers pizza's in a big city!

    Hope the cyclist makes a quick recovery.

    As punishment they should ban the dingbat from being a passenger in any motorized vehicle for a year yet alone drive. Make her ride a bike to pay her cell phone bill and get her makeup. See how she feel's at the end of year?
  10. Mountainman

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    yes - a time to say a prayer

    for our two wheeled friend

  11. Mairead

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    Do you know, this seems like an EXCELLENT idea -- if only it could be enforced. Too many people can't conceive of getting around entirely on their own power, and for them it's no stretch at all to thinking drivers have more rights.
  12. bluegoatwoods

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    I like the idea of totally banning them from autos. Some good might actually come of that. Good thinking.
  13. Happy Valley

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    Was asked for an update, the guy is alive but it's not good at all....here it is in the words of his son from a comment blog in the local paper. I'm sick.

  14. machiasmort

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    I certainly extend my prayers.

    This man's son is a wise individual. His Dad did a fine job.
  15. ZnsaneRyder

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    So, does the btch get any charges for this???