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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by tswizzy1, Jan 26, 2011.

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    Hello everyone,

    I made an account a few hours ago, eager to share with you a bike I just put the finishing touches on. I was late for work however, and didn't have time to re-upload pictures. So I put a link up to a local classifieds website where I have some pictures and a lot of info on the bike.

    However, I got banned for some sort of Vender infraction???? I mean, really? I'm not going to hold a grudge though. I got home from work, reset my internet and made a new account.

    Although, does anyone really think I'd be dumb enough to advertise for a motorized bike (local sale) on a motorized bike forum? (Don't answer that haha) You guys all make you're own bikes, that would be completely wasteful of time I could be using to work on my bikes.

    Mods, you could just ban me again, but c'mmon. I have a lot to contribute to this site.

    I will head over to the gallery section to put some pics of the bike up. It is a fully restored 1970s peugeot bobber rebuild. It is SWEET!! I hope it will inspire some of you the way some of the bikes on there have inspired me. I also did some contract work for a motorized bike company (won't say what company though or I'll probably get banned again) and as a result I have a lot of experience, lots of tips and advice and such.

    Look forward to becoming part of this forum!