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    My m.b. is in the shop right now but Im anxious for it to get out . I ride mine every day weather permiting . When I first got my m.b, the second I got into a wreck and was in the hospital for a few days . I got blown off the side of the road by the wind of a passing 18 wheeler I hit the guard rails on the side of an overpass . The accident was mostly caused by my inexperiance and being caught by surprise . I learned the value of having rearview mirrors . I also learned that when your over 60 the body dosent bounce as well as it did when I was younger . Well yall be careful this east texan says howdy and keep riding

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    Hi Fredric, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    G'day Fredric and welcome.
    I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt. Just make sure you wear that helmet. I didn't a few months ago and learned the hard way, (front wheel slide in gravel, head-first into concrete), as have other members, including a couple who didn't make it.
    Enjoy these little bikes, but be careful and remember - we're completely invisible to cagers.
    I agree with your sentiments on rear-view mirrors. We're too old to be twisting around to see what's behind us. I have good, (Mountain Mirrycle), mirrors on both of my bikes. Worth their weight in gold.

    Update: I just noticed that you've been a member for a year longer than me. I'm preaching to the converted. Thought you were a new arrival.
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