Just some pictures of my lates creation

This is my second one. I sold the other one to a repeat offender. Look at my air filter. Nice decale.


Is that a Kulana frame? Man that motor kit fit really great in my moon dog.
Looks good!
lookin good davidsis :cool: looks like a kewl bar hoppin bike, sporting the budwieser air filter and harley gas tank. very nice build and good job...
davidsis, nice job on your build. I like the "Bud" Can-nister!

azvinnie said:
lookin good srdavo :cool:

thanks vinnie......but this aint me!! :LOL: Everyone knows none of my "rats" are this pretty!! :LOL: :LOL:
Dave, you must talk to you bike about drinking and riding!!! 8)

nice job Bro!

The frame is from Live fast motors on e-bay. The engine fits in it perfect. I have rubber inbetween the engine and the frame from some old heater hose. The tank reads Hardly-Davidson, not Harly-Davidson.

Oh ya, the forks are from an old Mongoose mountain bike. I do not think Live fast has the frame anymore. It came with a sprocket on the rear hub for putting a motor on the bike, but it does not fit on right. The hole for where it fits over the rear hub was too big and it would wobble up and down.
Hey Dave,
Here in Indiana they have what they call an open container law.
If they catch you with a open container of an alcoholic beverage in your vehicle, you can go to jail.
I better go with the diet root beer filter. Ha Ha