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    Hey everyone,
    My name is Matt. I am a teacher in Ohio. Although I am only 26 I am constantly told how old school I am...I still have a flip phone by choice, I use an atlas more than I use a gps, and I prefer doing things the simple and proven way. My hobbies include all things diy. I just completely remodeled my first home which is a modest 1940s 2 story brick colonial in a quiet part of town. I'm into woodworking and leatherwork. I am completely new to this world of motorized bicycles and am excited to get going on my first build. I only plan on building this once and I want to do it right the first time around, which is why I have joined this forum. I would appreciate any solid advice anyone is willing to share.
    Matt W
    *1962 Schwinn Typhoon. I have recently installed an Avenir Classic Cruiser saddle which feels like riding on a cloud.
    My goal-Springer style forks, repaint fenders and rims, have heavy duty spokes installed, front brake hub, 4 stroke 49cc engine (but I don't want an engine that looks like a mower motor, I want one that looks similar to the 2 strokes), front headlight and rear taillight, wide whitewall tires, and a small cylindrical fuel tank mounted behind the saddle. Any suggestions? I plan to leave the original red paint on the frame. Even though it's beat up, I like the patina and look.

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