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well this is my 600 watt 36 volt 3 12v 12ah bicycle without my 2 stroke.its not very fast id say 15 miles an hr,i drove for 45 minutes and the cutoff started to kick in?theres no level roads where im at so its quite difficult to measure battery usefulness.i did pedal lightly during heavy grades.quite a good setup for around town very quite,well im charged and gonna head out.


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Dec 15, 2006
he has a post going called "bad timing',
read that and you will have your answer:eek:


well my honest opinion 600 watt 36volt kit

for starters this kit is for sale legally in my province bc in canada.you can drive this on the road legally without lawful reprocussion .this is a severe fire hazard i wouldnt trust this charger ever.you have to make ends to fit the charger ends,and hook it up for 8 hrs to a quite large battery bank,which in all its power if not hooked up properly will start a fire quite easily,i put safety cutoffs on both ends.for my own safety.the batteries themselves are very dangerous because of weight ex falling off in a severe stop.no one tells you how to do anything in these kits.the wheel itself has come off 3 times under power i was expecting this so i compensated a few holds to stop it from falling off completely.it actually fell out of the dropouts at full speed,i did tighten everything properly.there is no shut off except for the throttle,i did have to yell at a guy while i was eating tacos,he was just about to wind it up and he stopped. his kid was in front of the bicycle,seems safe to me these kits are very very safe.a 60 lb projectile with lots of torque hitting children hhhmmm what a great idea for legal transport.and good that they sell them to any age people with no mechanical skills good thing we have transport laws on our side..and there gonna ticket a liscensed mechanic 43 years old not breaking laws up to 8 thousand dollars for riding a bicycle!haha!never.......................
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I have the same kit (I think) and have run it for 3 years now. It is a decent, reliable power assist that works pretty well out of the box. I changed connectors and got a new, better quality charger. Also the batteries seem to last one summer, I am on my third pack, they are about $100US a set for lead acid. My kit is a 36V, 600W brushed hubmotor from Wilderness Energy.

I have not had problems with the bolts loosening up and axle spinning. I use a suspension fork with no problems but I have a high quality ($) bike not a mart of wal special (Giant Sedona).

The most important thing is to properly mount your batteries. I have a rear rack, a battery bag and straps for each battery. It still jumps around a lot. The best would be a battery box mounted inside the diamond. Either way it has to be sturdy and tight.

It is great for short trips in town. It is not extremely fast, at 18mph, but is great in downtown traffic. Basically you are pedaling and you can get a boost when you need it up hills, crossing streets, etc. Plus when the charge is fresh you can move pretty fast on a straight away (18mph). Its better than pedaling.

The down side is that the range is only 10 to 12 miles, which means you can only ride for a half hour, more or less. Thats just not enough. Then you wait for 6 to 8 hours while it charges.

The best way to ride it is to pedal like a bike and use the power only when needed, on hills, starting up, etc. If you conserve, you can go quite a bit further than when you just power everywhere and don't pedal.


battery bike

ya there fun and silent,i went all around the city core tonight pickin up beer and beef.and even went by the cops 2x and they just look.im thinkin i get more battery time than you ?i drove all hills no flat roads here only a block maybe,45 constant running minutes, pedal most of the time lightly got home checked all 3 batteries and my volts were 35 made me wonder?all three in series check maybe im not doin the right thing to check?i had full power at rides end.i hand filed the dropouts on the front fork they fit snug in there and the power from the motor spun the metal round,no kiddin.my batteries wont budge you couldnt kick them off my frame i booted them, very tight there on a aluminum channel frame with lots of reinforcements.kinda fun but doesnt come close to my gas powered machines ive owned,but i will have 1 for the city and 1 for long rides in a mnth or so.