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    My name is phil I havent had a bike since I was a child just bought a used 21 speed bike what a piece of junk it was. Im a millwright I work on stuff for a livin had no idea there were so many parts and specialty tools to work on a bike and every bike even the same brands have all different parts. My advise to anyone like me would be to buy a new bike but before buying the bike make sure the motor will fit I was lucky and I had an idea but, be aware mine was a tight squeeze my breather for my carb does not fit, I also had to turn my head in a different direction. Unless your doing a jack shaft I would also recommend just having one gear. So far my spark plug boot has melt and broke which I replaced and my exhaust gasket has blown going to a parts store tomorrow for metal gasket material to make a real gasket. Also be aware if doing a Jack shaft depending on where you live like maine its illegal to drive on the road. No Moped or bike with a motor is supposed to switch gears. My clutch is also making some funny noises which i have seen plenty of youtube videos and post about its the next thing on my list to investigate. I will soon get some pics of my ride up. I bought my kit from enginesonline.com 139.00 included shipping best price i could find on the net, however I really wonder the quality of workmanship, lol good thing i reversed the head because one of the headbolts was loose. Please feel free to to question or comment my post Im happy to have had the opportunity to join this blog I look forward to meeting new people interested in motorized bikes.. Hahahahha im 33 and I feel like a kid again.

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    Welcome to the forum. i have visited Maine only once and was blown away by the scenery and the pubs.
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    Thank you yeah the scenery is just home to me but I know what you mean I travel for a livin and always cant wait to be home.