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Jun 23, 2008
hey guys im new here but im thinking of buying a schwinn stingray for 50 bucks from my neighbor and converting it into a motored bike. is it possible to put a b&s 2 horsepower engine on it and is it possible to take off the pedals and cranks? thanks

Not exactly the best place for this post, but yes, it's possible.

Why would you do so? If you remove the pedals, etc, it becomes a moped. Don't knowwhere you live, but that opens up a whole #10 size can of worms, legally. Not too mention, what if your engine dies - you gonna push it the whole 8 miles (or whatever distance) home?

Motored bikes exist for sound reasons. Building an under-engineered, under-powered, unreliable motorcycle from one isn't a real good idea.
hi; you might try a tanaka off a weedeater with a friction mount. fairly easy. go to search for friction drive and read alot. good luck. mitch