K.K. Roadster ' NEW PRICE ' $ 450.00 FIRM!!!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by bicycle ron, May 23, 2008.

  1. bicycle ron

    bicycle ron Member

    This is a brand new in the box Kustom Kruiser Schwinn GT Dyno Roadster. If you know what it is? then you know what it's worth!! Buyer has to pay shipping!! The pic I am showing is one with an engine. The new Roadster in the box DOE'S NOT HAVE AN ENGINE!:cool:

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  2. DUDE! The bike alone is worth that!

    (edit) never mind. :grin:
  3. bicycle ron

    bicycle ron Member

    Hey, thanks Large Filipino! I feel like I'm taking a beatin for selling at this price, but I have new projects to fulfill! I love this bike because I have built one before, and it rides so good I almost can't part with it? Maybe if things turn around soon, I may just keep it and down the road ,build it!!!!
  4. madyeti

    madyeti New Member

    Hey bike still for sale? are you located east coast? if so that'd be sweet
  5. bicycle ron

    bicycle ron Member

    I still have the Roadster [brand new in the box]! I'm in Hollywood, Fl. call me at 305-778-9539
  6. bicycle ron

    bicycle ron Member

    Hey, madyeti, Ya still interested in the Roadster??? I still have it! If your on the east coast, I'm sure we can work something out! Get back to me.