K&S bike machine general info and parts compatibility (KS ks, and cheap upgrades)

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Sep 26, 2018
Here's an old thread I made roughly 2 years ago (man time flies!) About the K&S bike machine kits, there is very little info about these early 70s engine kits and the only other post i found had a Phishing scheme going on (trying to phish for info and email addresses for an "owners manual", don't be fooled please, its fake)

Anyway, Heres the thread link to the original post as well: https://motoredbikes.com/threads/k-...compatibility-ks-ks-and-cheap-upgrades.58255/


Figured id make a thread about this rarer early 70s motorized bike kit parts capability and upgrades.

Well, first off, let me say these kits are pretty rare ( id guess fewer than 2000 built and even less sold) , but not in a 1969 dodge charger way, more like a Lada way, (ie ZERO parts support, and basically no other parts made anymore, little value)

i bought mine for 40$ and it came with a bike.

so for keeping these things alive for CHEAP!


so, these motors use a Points and Condenser style ignition system (very old, hard to find parts for, but generally can be brought back to life relivitivly easily)

BUUT, you can bypass that crap and turn it into an electronic CDI transistor-based ignition system (i know, mouthful right?)

with a NOVA II transistor (or an eBay clone for like 1/4 of the price, this is what I'm using, linked here)

basically, just take the wire from the ignition coil and add it to the nova ignition (left side), then ground the other side of the NOVA ignition (right side)

this SHOULD bring you back spark, if not, make sure its connected the right way (switch them wires) if it still doesn't have spark, well ya coil is junked.




a 66cc/80cc NT or "speed" carb and intake bolt right on, for 9$ is a no brainer to upgrade. Be sure to down jet as well (id guess 60ish should be close BUT BE SAFE, JET RICHER THAN LEANER)

Make sure you have no air leak by bolting down the gasket more in a top-right approach, if you see the bottom of the picture, there is a tiny gap, ZERO of that should be showing, it's close but it'll fit with no leaks.

bolts in the Pic are M5X20mm, id say 16mm is better, but i just used fasteners for spacers.





any basic GOPED style muffler should work, but double-check bolt spacing.

Gas tank:

stock should work, but mine didn't have one, so i just used a weed wacker tank i had laying around.

GOOD LUCK!! these are FUN once you get them going.
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Nice. I was gonna say the case looks very similar to a goped, however the drive seems to be on the flywheel side. Does it have a clutch??
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