Kaeli Khaos Kustom Rat Chopper Build.

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    Heres some pictures of my build.
    Its painted the ford gt colors now, but ive decided to go with an od green paint this year.

    The motor is not on it right now,as ive been doing frame upgrades, as well as rebuilding the motor. The wrist pin e clip broke into the motor and chewed the piston and sleeve apart.

    As you will see. The bike is just over 8 feet long. Basically custom made everything. I built the frame from a piece of an old bike and some steel sock. Same with the forks. As well, i have reversed the wheel mounts on the forks to give me a bit more rise, and slightly less rake on the front end.

    I have spent time HAND HAMMERING the fenders from scratch. The rear fender sits about 2 mm above the back tire. its lovely.

    I have created a hinged mount for the ammocan saddlebag, so i can still access the rear wheel nut. Very strong, and solid. also the ammocan is water resistant. great for keeping electronics dry. I will be adding one on the other side.

    I have custom made and upholstered the seat as well.

    this bike has no brakes right now, i end up using a pair of shoes only once before theyre destroyed . lol

    Plans for this year on the build include:
    Jackshaft kit
    3 speed internal gear rear hub. with drum brake( for this i have to get a wheel custom built, as 3 speed hubs dont come on a 20" wheel. Its about 300 bucks :shout:) lol

    I will be adding a second ammocan to the other side, to hold my battery, and fusebox.
    I will be adding, Headlight(Hi/Lo) Brake/tail light, front and rear signals, and an alarm system with a keyfob, and auto kill if not unlocked with keyfob.
    I will also be running my overly complex wiring harness through the frame so as to prevent any chance of hotwiring the bike.

    With the 49 cc motor, it gets me up to around 50 kmh as it is.

    With the geared hub,ammocans,electronics, etc, the weight will increase from (est)45 lbs to about (est ) 70 lbs.
    Obviously requiring a few upgrades to the powerplant. Including billet intake manifold, new exhaust, aluminum cnc head , better spark plugs, and im not even sure what else.. lol

    But here she is. Thanks for looking. Comments appreaciated!
    If anyone has questions about anything, sourcing materials, designing parts, or putting those ideas in motion(pun intended) Please feel free to ask.

    FB_IMG_14223096739729495[1].jpg FB_IMG_14223097857465646[1].jpg P_20150127_154553[1].jpg P_20150127_154559[1].jpg P_20150127_154630[1].jpg P_20150127_154647[1].jpg P_20150201_155106[1].jpg

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    just finished rebuilding the motor. I took much extra time and care. Cleaned everything thoroughly,removed all the soot., polished the piston . Hacked up my other bikes motor for the parts i needed. And i re mounted the exhaust and intake manifold with a piece of clipboard gaske 1/4 thick. I havent had success with gaskets at all on these bikes. so m hoping the thickness and the 35 wt oil i soaked them in will prevent them from blowing as soon as i start the bike.
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    that's pretty cool, really reminds me of my "Harley Davidson" themed bike im currently building.in fact I think your bike is the same frame and mine (at least the rear of the fame seems like it is) I like the side box!

    P1210998.jpg P1211000.jpg

    I need to rewrap the seat and then I plan on putting smaller bars and a suspension sissy bar on it

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    your awesome pal! damn right thats the same frame. im lank almost 6 ft tall. i had to chop that frame up biiiiig time. extended the frame 2.5 ft and extended the fork about 3 feet. ive also added some other supports here and there. thanks for the reply!
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