***KAH-RACK!*** was all I heard...

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jared3377, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. jared3377

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    Tonight, while riding, (luckily) 3 blocks from my house, "Chief's" front engine-mount bolt sheared *again* :shock: (4th time, I think, but I've been upgrading the quality of the bolt [this one lasted about 300 miles])...

    Below are the pics of the damage and the fix (for now...) and the descriptions of each:

    1. THE DAMAGE:mad:: This is how the motor kicked out against my leg (not too hard). Not only did the bolt shear, but the lead wire for the plug pulled out of the CDI, the gas line from the fuel filter came out, and one of the wires from the CDI-to-magneto was loosened, also.

    2. ROADSIDE FIX:???:: Even though I was 3 blocks away, I decided to sit down by the curb and fix it a little (LUCKILY, I carry a small set of tools and fix-its with me, including the hose-clamp you see [you can tell I've had this happen before...]). I was able to pedal it home (only 4 blocks...).

    3. HOSECLAMP--MAYBE PERMANENT?--ASSISTANCE:???:: I decided that since this was the 4th time I'd done this repair, that *maybe* my "emergency repair hose-clamp" might act as a good permanent fixture *for now*). I do, however, think I need to find another way to mount this...

    Sooooooo, here I am... I tried to start it after 1.5 hours of fixin' time, and I didn't even get 'er runnin' again...:???: Tomorrow morning I plan on re-wiring the connections between the CDI and the mag because I'm sure there's no spark from when I tried it tonight...

    Well, that's my story :smile:. Anything you all could offer to assist me would be great, but for now I plan on searching for other ways of mounting the front side of "Chief." After 4 times of fixin' this "bastid" front mount, I'm thinking that it's just not enough...:???:

    Thanks all! I couldn't continue on with this hobby without you... :cool:

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  2. Simon_A

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    Dude make a front mount like mine.

    Strong as frack.

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  3. Butch

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    Hi Jared,
    I can set you up with a front mount like this one that I made up for Schwinn Point Beach. You could bring your bike over and I could install it for you or I could ship it to you. Let me know.

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  4. I think that exposed bolt is putting too much stress on it.
    Try this.
    Loosen up your mount then bring your frame bolt all the way thru so that your threads are not exposed. The plate then resting on your frame will give some "flex resistance".
    So now your left with your mount not being able to reach your engine. No problem.
    Get longer bolts and some washers to fill the gap.
    Yes,you still have exposed threads but this time you have TWO bolts exposed instead of just ONE. And the washers should give some added strength.
  5. Rob928

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    How much would you sell one of those mounts for? I have a Point Beach also and that looks perfect...

  6. Butch

    Butch Guest

    I sent you a PM.
  7. jared3377

    jared3377 Member

    Thanks Butch, I think I'm going to have to do that soon...tired of fixing this problem.

    THEN, last night after posting this I went outside to see gas leaking all over my deck--probably lost a quart or so of gas... I'd forgotten to turn the valve to the "off" position, but that should'nt happen even if I do leave it on...

    So, today or soon I need to figure out what's going on there and where it's leaking from.
  8. BSA

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    It probably came from the exhaust, piston ported engines (without a reed valve) tend to siphon fuel out of the tank and out the exhaust.

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  9. jared3377

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    I'm not 100% sure because overnight some black, oily discharge leaked out of the muffler (probably an ounce or two).
  10. Marktur

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    I have the same type of mount as you - except - I filled the empty space with washers (9 I think). This DEFINITELY strengthens the assembly.

    If you want to improve upon that, check eBay for the LiveFastMotors upgrade kit - I just ordered it for the 40t sprocket, but it comes with a U-bolt mounting kit, too. The entire thing costs $14...

    FYI - with the washers, I've had NO problem, and I'm even using the Chinese junk bolt...the washers make all the difference and add the strength.

    I don't know what the fallout from pulling the bolt and mounting differently...now there's a hole in the frame, and it's a weak spot without the bolt to fill it. Personally, I'd try out the washers first, it's the cheapest solution...under $0.50.
  11. jared3377

    jared3377 Member

    Thanks, Mark. I'm weighing my options right now as far as what I'm going to do. I think Butch can help me out w/a new mount-system, but it definitely crossed my mind that the frame might be weakened from the holes....

    We'll see I guess. For now I'm outside on my deck trying to fix the gas-leak problem--seems to be coming from the bowl under the carby and not from the gas line, but I dunno... I'm going out to take the carb off and slightly apart right now.

    Thanks again!
  12. This tread has filled me with lumps of fear as this is the type of assembly I was considering for my build...
    I like LF's solution but may add a couple of steel tubes for the bolts to run through.
    It should add to the strength of the fitting...

  13. Alan

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    Now THAT IS a great mount. Dual u-bolts really do it for me. Excellent.

    As soon as my MD frame cracks, I weld and change up to the dual U. :grin:
  14. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    NICE front mount(s)!

    IMHO getting a firm grip on the rear also helps:

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  15. SirJakesus

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    That jackshaft setup looks like it must kick butt for off road riding pablo. I'm jealous :)
  16. Snax

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    I think the whole bolt-thru-the-frame setup is a bad idea for this reason. It just isn't a solid way to manage the torque from the offset of the driveline, which makes for a sideways twisting coupled with all that vibration, so it's always going to be an eventual point of failure unless the rear mount is dead solid. As I found out coming home today, the front mount doesn't even need to be bolted on to hold the motor in place - so long as it is solidly secured at the rear and unable to twist in the front bracket. (The nuts fell off the mounting studs.)
  17. Pablo

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    Agree. That's just one reasons I would never drill a hole my frame.
  18. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    I don't mind telling you that with an optional low tooth # right driving gear it will absolutely pull stumps. Even the regular gear in low I can just take off with the clutch and putt around the yard, and still get up to 40 mph with throttle and 2 gears left.
  19. mcassMB6

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    Simon- I'm curious, what is that black toggle switch on the top of your CDI? Im very intrigued.
  20. KiDD

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    SIMON! That is the cleanest setup I have seen. I like the springs on the fuel lines, the mount for the CDI and the killswitch.