Kahunna's Cannondale

1 Ebay special,
1 17 year old Cannondale
32 MPH with Kahunna, Cannondale and engine.
Will try smaller round wooden wheel to see if can go faster.
Need spring.etc to give tension so round wooden roller fits firmer to wheel.
But thats tomorrow.
Wet out this afternoon, added fuel and a 15 mile jaunt around the ole home 20.
Kahunna Happy


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32mph? Can you give me details of the motor. how many cc. did u buy it in a kit ect.
Tecumch 49 cc

It is just the standard TC-300 Engine. Wifey following on straight stretch and it is uh rather flat out here in West Texas. Takes a while to get it rolling though so it is not exactly neck snapping acceleration. And I am learning how to run the thing. The city slickers may have something to do with the extra speed. I am not an expert. My first bike and my second ride.
I see an Airstream in the background. I live in a vintage one. Sick... er I mean great minds think alike.
My Airstream

Yup, she is a 73 model. As a full time welding inspector I have lived on the road for 20+ years. I used to motel it until I got my little Aluminum beauty. We have been together 9 years and I have pulled it over 80,000 miles chasing jobs. Have settled down, thanks to a granddaughter but selling her would be like taking a thumb. And thanks for the other replies. This being my first and having the two worse things on can have, time and a little free money, I am looking at my next motorbike.
No honey, it is NOT a bicycle any more. NO it was MY money.