Kansas Motorised Bicycle Laws. From Khp

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    need valid drivers liscense (not a motorcycle liscense... unless you want to)

    has to be "registered" have fun with getting a vin number. (anyone know how to do this with a home made frame?)

    need no insurance or eye protection

    no more than 3.5 horsepower

    no faster top end then 30mph

    note: i'm pretty sure you can't drive it on the highway

    also if you have a 4 wheeler and no city regulations you may haul tail all over town with NO REGISTRATION OR INSURANCE. you still have to have a drivers liscense however. and although this has nothing to do with ev i found it interesting that you can book it through town and on dirt roads with no repricusion http://www.kansashighwaypatrol.org/general/unusualvehicle/atv.html

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    Does "registered" mean that you need a tag?
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    i think this dose not apply to

    I think this dose not apply to adding a motor to a bicycle. because if you read it, you need an automatic transmission.
    these thing as far as i understand have NO transmissions

    "Motorized Bicycle" means every device having two tandem wheels, or three wheels which may be propelled by either human power, helper motor, or by both and which has:

    * A motor which produces not more than 3.5 brake horsepower
    * A cylinder capacity of not more than 130 cubic centimeters
    * An automatic transmission and;
    * The capability of a maximum design speed of no more than 30 miles per hour except a low power cycle

    Dictionary says:
    3. An automotive assembly of gears and associated parts by which power is transmitted from the engine to a driving axle. Also called gearbox.

    mopeds and scooters (Even the 49cc ones) DO have transmissions i believe.
    and may be why they are useing the picture of a scooter next to the officer.

    ALSO if you read the statue they qoute KSA 8-235, they only talk about driving them on the highway! Nothing about city streets!
    in subsection (b) it looks like they are talking about city streets and motor bikes, BUT they are not they are just stating the rules for people who have
    Driver's License and nothing more

    you can read it here (search for 8-235 NOT KSA 8-235)

    I never discussed this with a cop, but a cop did once tell me my (NO MOTOR) pedal bicycle need to be registered to ride it on the streets and that it is offered free at any fire station. so BEFORE you attach a motor to your pedal bike get it registered, once you put a motor on it they my try some funny registration stuff or flat out refuse and say it's a motor-cycle or something, they know nothing about, because they are fire-fighters not law men
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    good old fire station registration

    good old fire station registration
    they used to do that here in Calif
    and when registering a bike if it didn't have any numbers stamped into frame
    they would stamp some in for you
    maybe this could work out for you ??

    Firemen are well known in most cases to be very helpful
    chances are they want to be able to see you ride legally

    ride that THING