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    Had no idea that MAB's were so popular. Looks like I am going to have some fun with this

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    welcome and it so much fun
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    Welcome to the forum. I'm not sure where you got your login name, but we had rats in the Phoenix area that would climb trees to eat the oranges.
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    Here in Texas we have them that climes up pecan trees to eat the pecans.
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    LOL....Treerat is a nick name for squirrels. I do a lot of bow hunting from tree stands and years ago a friend said if I kept spending so much time in trees I would turn into a squirrel.....hence the name...lol.
    I just ordered my first HT kit. It should be here tomorrow. I plan on putting it on an old Murry mtn. bike that has a very specific purpose.
    I have used this bike for years as a drop vehicle when I take kayak float trips. But as I get older I really wanted something that was not as much work. I started out looking for a mini bike to use and then got interested in motorized bikes. The mini bike thing would not have really been legal on the roads, so this is a much better option.
    This is how I have been using this bike. Stop at bridge and unload kayak and fishing gear. Drive 3-7 miles down stream and leave truck, ride bike back to kayak and float down to truck then drive back up and pick up bike.
    I generally hurry the bike leg of this type of trip because my kayak and fishing equipment is setting unguarded under a bridge. This is where a MB is going to really shine. A 3-7 mile float may not seem like that long but that is as the crow flies. When you are following a winding stream the may take most of the day and throw a long rushed bike ride on top of that and my rear is dragging by the end of the trip.
    The bike is painted dark brown and flat black. Everything is pretty much camo’ed out and I lock it up and hide it in the weeds or up under the bridge with a note explaining that the bike is not lost or stolen and to please leave it alone. I know this is a little risky and in some parts of the world it would never work but hey….this is BFE Kansas and most of the places I go see VERY little use. It this point I have never had and issues….Knock on wood.
    That is how this all got started anyway. I am beginning to see that I may want to build a nice cruzer for the street too.
    Lots of great info on here and cool rides. I am sure I will have some questions as I roll along but for now I an READING old posts and using the search button
    Love the lord, Shoot straight and Speak the truth…..Rat
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    Once you decide to build something nice, it will be at much greater risk of being stolen. Please keep that in mind.