Kawasaki Ninja KRR ZX150, Details on this bike

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Ray Lee Yit Lun, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Ray Lee Yit Lun

    Ray Lee Yit Lun New Member

    Good day ,

    I wanna know the 2nd hand price of this bike , and what are the main difference between this and kawasaki ninja 250 other than the speed .

    I have very little experience in bike , do bike experience major breakdown like car whereby you need Rm 1k or so to repair ?

    And most important , how is the size compared to ninja 250 ? According to the pictures I see on the net both are almost identical , but I doubt so , please tell me is Ninja 150 smaller in size ?

    Any owner of this bike can give a short review ? I'm considering to buy this bike as soon as i start to work .

    And I heard that there're many edition of this bike , super kips of whatever , anyone please clarify those edition to me ? I'm considering to buy a 2nd hand of this bike , how much would a 5-6 years old one cost me ?

    Please provide me the information if you have any . Feel free to tell me more about this bike .

  2. Ray Lee Yit Lun

    Ray Lee Yit Lun New Member

    Hello brothers is this forum dead ?
  3. Ludwig II

    Ludwig II Member

    Ray, this is a forum for people who add engines to ordinary pedal bicycles. Somebody here might know about these Kawasakis, but I think you need to look around for a more specialised site with more information.