Kawasaki TA360-MX rc engine



hey , I was just given a kawasaki ta36-mx engine from my uncle. i would like to put the engine on a bicycle since it is such a nice motor. it is brand new.. never used. the engine was redone by c.a. associates of california and added a few fancy parts to it to transform it into an rc helicoptor engine. the parts were very very nicely machined and chromed flywheel plate/cover, mount, and blade rotor shaft. it has a brand new german made dual port chromed exhaust, and intake manifold.. the brand is kioritz. ethese parts look pretty pricey to me. I know it is a really nice engine because Kawasaki is my alltime favorite motor company and everything they do is good. i just wanted to know if anyone else on here has any experience with this certain model engine.

thanks, Jon