KC's Kruisers 4-stroke PARTS


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9:19 PM
Apr 18, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
I am expanding my KC's Kruisers motorized bike building business to include Parts Sales.

Specifically 4-stroke kits and parts including parts nobody in the states offer.
I am now a certified Retailer for all real Skyhawk parts including the new 2015 parts.

There is a difference in Skyhawk quality and why other vendors name their knockoff products with G and Skyhawk names.
I will only the carry the real things.

2015 improved 4G 5:1 transfer cases for HS 142F-1G 49cc and 144F-1G 53cc tapered shaft clutch attached engines.

The same high quality T-belt Grubee transfer case with dual quality Japanese bearing supported Primary and Secondary notched T-belt pulleys.
Concentric Secondary housing for adjust belt tension.
The 2015 output shafts are now using my designs for adjusting the sprocket distance from case.

Options include:
4G solid secondary 100T pulley and 12T freewheel output sprocket.
4G freewheel secondary 100T pulley with position adjustable solid 9 or 10 tooth output sprocket.

10G KC's Kruisers Long Shaft freewheel secondary 100T pulley with position adjustable solid 9 or 10 tooth output sprocket for shifters.
The parts will be available as piece-meal part groups or a complete kit with everything needed to build a 4-stroke shifter without a jackshaft kit.

The price will be about the same as the ~$550 for a 4G 4-stroke engine kit and SBP 4-stroke shift kit, but considerably more 'friendly' to build and maintain.
The 10G KCK transfer case has an output shaft long to reach over to the pedal sprockets.


The entire concentric Secondary output assembly can be replaced or upgraded.
With my base mount system you can add a carrier bearing support to the base for output shaft support and attach your output chain directly to the freewheel pedal sprocket directly.



It took a long time to make this design a manufactured item and improvements come with each new order but you have to admit, a darn slick design ;-}


Like a Direct Drive just 1 engine drive chain.
This system uses all of the proven SickBikeParts Bottom Bracket Freewheel parts to transfer engine power to your pedal system, they rock!

My system does away with the upper SBP jackshaft system to get that power to the right hand side directly.
One less shaft, bearing and chain.
It does not intrude behind your seat post, AND you never have to move the base or the engine to tighten a chain!

There is a tensioner for the output chain right on the base to adjust for chain wear, the only adjustment ever needed and not very often.

I also have a source for the venerable HS 142F's big brother...
The 144F-1G 53cc 4-stroke engine!

The same engine and stroke, just a 1.7mm wider bore than the 142's 41.8mm. (43.5 x35.8)

It adds 500W power and .5Nm @ of torque @ 6800 rpm.

The ones I get are EPA approved and have a gas tank on top.
I will be happy to remove it before shipping but it may be useful as an alternative tank placed elsewhere.
Consider it a bonus ;-}



Everything is in limited supply to start.
I am building up a professional web order processing site which in itself is daunting so bear with me guys.

If you are thinking about going 4-stroke shifter in the near future you might want to wait and see what I have ;-}