keep breaking spokes with 35cc robin gebe motor, need new wheel!!!!!!!

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by errolprowse, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. errolprowse

    errolprowse New Member

    i need one with disk brakes and just like the one gebe sells with 36 spokes and disk brake ready, theres the link

    problem is that i ordered my engine and it took like 6 weeks!!!, i need a wheel fast because i need to use my motored bicycle to get around, its been a hard time trying to find a 36 hole rear wheel out there but so far i managed to find this

    is that wheel strong enough for my 35cc robin engine???
    any other wheels that other people have that havent bent or gotten messed up by the gebe 35cc engine???


  2. JemmaUK

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    I have a GEBE with the Tanaka 2-stroke 32cc on a schwinn - I dont know what you are doing to break spokes but I havent had a problem in over 2 years in all (with two different bikes).

    Have you centred the sheave properly and there is also the trick of cabletying the spokes at the crossing points - that may help strength

    Jemma xx
  3. errolprowse

    errolprowse New Member

    i did do that but i used the wheels for downhilling and dirt jumping, and when i put the ring on the spokes i didnt use soap and theres a little bend in each one now
  4. errolprowse

    errolprowse New Member

    whats centering the sheave?
  5. ocscully

    ocscully Member

    The wheel you've provided the link to does appear to be made from decent parts. They are claiming the spokes at DT Dwiss Double Butted 14g and spokes don't get any better than DT's. But Folks around here seem to think that 12g straights are the way to go when you have the spoke breakage problems that you are having. With the Double Butted spokes your drive sheave will be clamping to the 15g section of the spoke, that might be a problem. Also the wheels shown have QR axles and I understand that this is a big No No for GEBE mounts. If you can find a good wheelbuilder in your area I'd have him respoke your existing hub and rim, with Quality SS spokes DT's or Wheelsmith 12g straights if they are available or 14g straights if not.

  6. lennyharp

    lennyharp Member

    I am using Wheelsmith DH (for down hill) 13/14 gage single butted spokes. See if they have 13 gage straight or the DH single butted spokes and you should be fine. I have usually had breaks at the bend in my spokes and that is what the down hill racers are also finding. Most racing mechanics consider butted spokes to be strengthened not weakened from the butting. The spoke should be the part of the wheel that gives a little under loads and stresses. A broken spoke is quick, cheap and easy to replace. Hubs and rims are not any of those things to replace. Wheels are something to maintain and the best ones will not stay true for ever without some maintenance.

    "Butted spokes are made from wire which is the thickness of the butted end but are intentionally cut short. The spokes are then hammered out to length, reducing the diameter of all except the butted end."
  7. BigDaddyT

    BigDaddyT Member

    You might want to contact gebe. I know from others at least that the engines have been on backorder. Backordered engines take a while to get to you but a wheel should not. Id give em a call and express your concerns and see what they say. Maybe the gebe rep on the boards here could get you a quick answer.

    I called our biggest local builder, whom Ive had make custom wheels for me in the past, and they said no way they can make me the wheel I asked for. So Ill probably pony up and buy gebes wheel at the same time as the engine kit.
  8. astring

    astring Member

    I think they can send the rim faster. i have the 12g rim from GEBE and I am pretty sure that the rear rim will never be a problem with my bike. (As for the disc break think I just don't know).
  9. errolprowse

    errolprowse New Member

    alright, i think ill just take my chances with gebe and order it from them, i hope they dont take as long as my engine did
  10. BigDaddyT

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    Yeah, for sure. I think when prices for fuel topped 4 bucks a gallon interest in these engines exploded and the market wasnt ready for it. I know I didnt google it til it cost me 65 dollars to fill up my mazda 626. I remember when gas was 99 cents a gallon. LOL
  11. astring

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    Ahhh, to have the Clinton years back again.
  12. BigDaddyT

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    As long as you remember to thank reagan for the prosperity of the clinton years.
  13. beachcruiser

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    Parts and accessories from GEBE is pretty quick delivery. It took me about 6-weeks for the motor. The rim only took about 7 days.
  14. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    Have GEBE make your rim with 12 gauage spokes, problem solved, or go to your bike shop and have them put 12 gauage spokes in for you
  15. beachcruiser

    beachcruiser Member

    My bicycle came with 12 gauge straight spokes rims not tapered. I ordered another rim from Gebe with 12 gauge straight spokes for just in case something happens. I have not had any problems with breakage so far. Try using the standard 3 cross or 4 cross spoke pattern, 12 gauge straight spokes, again not tapered
  16. BigDaddyT

    BigDaddyT Member

    I called around local and cant locate 12 guage. So maybe they arent very common. I remember someone saying they had ordered some online but cant recall where. Im ordering the wheel from gebe to simplify matters. Just dont be surprised if you cant find 12g where you live.
  17. astring

    astring Member

    Seems like shops that specialize in "mountain" bikes have them. They need beefier rims.
  18. TwoWalks

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    In my youth, we use to pull into the gas station and tell the attendant "Give me 50 cents worth please." Now at well over $4.00 you do not even get your windows washed or have an attendant for that matter. :grin:
  19. andante94

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    Lots of good advice here, but I would like to put in my two cents worth. I've been an avid cyclist for more than twenty years sprinkled with 3 years of racing and have also built a couple of wheels during that time. I'm currently riding a GEBE 33cc Tanaka motorized bike. My first wheel broke at the 220 mile mark. I then ordered a new wheel from GEBE with the power ring already attached. My bike weighs about 40lbs. loaded and I weigh about 195 lbs. fully loaded which means that the wheels carry about 235lbs. - alot of weight. GEBE recommends a minimum of 14ga. spokes for a reason.

    Here's my point - go to a local bike shop with plenty of wheel building experience - and have them build you a rear wheel built for heavy duty use, specing a minimum of 14ga. straight spokes (never use double butted spokes on a motorized bike) laced 4x (12ga. spokes may be a better option depending on your weight and road conditions).

    Hope this helps.