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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by graucho, Nov 4, 2008.

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    I've seen that one before, and it is chilling. It is bad enough when two cars collide, but when one vehicle is 2 wheeled, it is no contest. I always scan for possible cross traffic when going through an intersection, whether I'm on my motorcycle or my car.

    Thanks for the reminder.
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    And if I understood what I was seeing, it was the CAGER who ran the red light.

    Don't it figure.
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    well - green lights for MBs don't do much good once we have been hit

    as we know - best to proceed with caution even when we have the green

    sometimes the human body can be pretty tough

    that poor guy looked to be crashed to the limit -- hope that he's ok today

    and one more time will be able to --- RIDE THAT THING
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    It appears the car driver ran a red light, yes. Unless the intersection is like many in this town - the light can be red on one side of a multiple lane intersection, but green for the oncoming traffic, too accomodate left turns onto the intersecting street. From that video, you can't tell what the oncoming traffic light was showing.

    In any case, pretty horrific impact. I'm glad the car driver managed to stop without rolling over the bike rider, and I hope the fact that bike rider was moving his arms indicates the injuries were not as severe as they might have been..
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    Talk about an eye-opener. I think I've seen that driver (or one that drives like him) around before. I had to watch again to try to tell if he was on the phone when he (apparently) ran the light.

    And why was he just yanking on the poor guy's arms? :shock: :confused:

    My prayers are with both of them.

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    Was this filmed in China?
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    Bad timing.

    I live on the corner of a busy road and a small street, the street enters at an acute angle and is rather a blind entry.

    A guy got clipped today on a MC by a car precisely at that junction just as I was taking an MB out for a spin. I didn't witness it but had come out before the cops got there.

    Apparently the car made the entry onto the busy road from the side street right in front of the guy and didn't hit exactly but him but forced him to swerve and into the guard rail.

    What I saw was what looked like about a 750cc jammed up under the lower rung of the guard rail. He looked dazed but was sitting up. I think the only hit he took was off the rail. Cops and ambulance showed up.

    Almost changed my mind about going for that spin.
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  10. graucho

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    Wow. I didnt see a stop light at that intersection. That would make that the bikers fault? cant tell. Glad he's walking.
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    I kicked a taxi's side window yesterday that pulled out on me in a bus lane.
    He just kept coming at me. I could have avoided the kick, but it just felt so good.
    I think I scared the carp out of him.
    Turned around and gave him the finger and a bit of lip...
    His passenger looked worried...:???:

    I know he's doing his Job, but running over cyclists should not be on the Resume. :oops:
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    not recommended for many

    I guess that it looked to be the bikers fault

    but - also noticed - truck driver didn't seem to ease up on the gas...

    in memory of riding that thing