Kent 26" Bayside Cruiser with Zeda 80cc Engine Kit Firestorm NEW BUILD

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Oh no what happened, so the rag joint is better then the hub adapter? I must have misunderstood lol
Go to page four of this assembly manual...You will find that this manual is good for putting together all China Girl brands, although it is primarily for the Zeda 80, which is the same build i have.

If you have questions, feel free to ask me, since mine is trouble free and i will be glad to help.

I will be leaving New Mexico today though, going to El Paso, Texas helping a friend going to the VA hospital...Won't be back to at least late afternoon my time, Mountain Daylight Time.

On page four is the instructions on the PROPER way of affixing a rag joint to the rear wheel and sprocket...hope this is of help...DAMIEN

Ps...When you click on the manual below...It will automatically download to where ever your downloads automatically go to, this way you will have it offline...DAMIEN


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It's one of, if not my favorite cheapo frame to use and I ride that frame on a lot of bumpy and dirt roads. It's thin walled, but sturdy as hell. The only thing is ditch the brakes it comes with. They are pretty crappy calipers. The rims and spokes are junk to and need to be replaced.
I was searching for the same bike and found one on Amazon. They are calling it a sixthreezero brand. Is this the same bike?

I like the seven speed cluster and Shimano derailleur, but the twist shifter would have to be replaced to accommodate the throttle.