Key West?? Anybody know the deal?

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  1. Hello All,

    So I just moved to Key West about a month ago and ride my MB almost everyday at least 8-10 miles all over the island and have passed by the police at least a dozen times, often on Duval St at slow speeds (10-15mph), with them standing on the sidewalk just nodding as I go by and wave with a quick "hello". I have noticed about a half dozen other MBs riding around and even sold a muffler to a guy I ran into at a gas station about a week ago. OK, I'm thinking it must be cool so again I go for a ride today, ran into the muffler guy and asked him how it's working out and he says "great but I just got a $150 ticket for riding a homebuilt motorcycle with no tags, registration, and on a suspended liscense." They didn't even ask how many CC's it was. In his defense I can couch that he doesn't scream down the road with reckless abandon drawing attention to himself. He just putts around at 10-15mph like I do and follows generally same pattern as scooters/mopeds.

    I did a search here and came up with and printed out Florida Highway Moped/Motorcycle code SR-61 which appears to not recognize motorized bicycles as motor vehicles and therefore cannot be tagged.

    Does anyone know for sure what Florida Law is that I can print as I guess I don't understand how to read code very well?

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    all you need to do is put Florida Laws into the site search
    all kinds of information already posted

    ride that thing
  3. Thanks MountianMan,
    I did that and I guess I got so wrapped up in people speculating and misinterpreting code to fit their individual needs that I just plain don't understand and am looking more for a simple yes/no because answere.
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    I gotch
    I am going to take a wild guess here
    seen many many of those post a while back
    and if my memory serves me correctly -- sorry to say the answer is --- no
    I could be wrong -- but it seems that there are a lot of requirements
    that make it

    darn hard to ride that motorized bicycle THING there - legally--- ?? hope that I am wrong ??
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    Quick easy answer is...

    You are allowed to use a Bicycle with a gas motor on it... Here are the Caveats... (GENERAL FL Law)

    Gas on Bicycle 49cc or less = Need Drivers License, No Tag, No Registration.
    Gas on Bicycle 50cc or more = Need Motorcycle License, No Tag, No Reg
    Electric on Bicycle 20mph or less = No DL needed, No Tag, No Reg.
    Electric on Bicycle more than 20mph = Need Drivers License, No Tag, No Reg.

    (Albeit, there are a few municipalities that allow gas (under 50cc) to be ridden without license, but there are very few)

    I'll check for you about Key West (specifically)

    Ok, checked out Key West....

    They are B1TCHES!!!

    If your Bicycle has ANY (elec or gas) kind of motor, it is considered a MOTOR VEHICLE.

    So you need at LEAST a DL to ride one, although you don't need to tag or register a motored bicycle.


    Motor vehicle means any vehicle which is self-propelled

    Is the term they use)
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