keyed electric start for Honda GX35?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by bikejock, Feb 14, 2016.

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    I recentily got my honda 35cc friction drive build completed & wondered to myself; could there be a way to adapt an electric key ignition on a Honda GX35? I've seen gas generators using Honda GX120 & up engines equiped with electric key starters so, why not the GX35?

    I know the GX35 is more used for weed eaters which would in the case of a weed eater engine a keyed ignition would be pointless. But on a rear mounted friction drive bike a keyed electric start would be easier on the mounting hardware (a quick turn of the key vs. always having to pull start it) So what are your thoughts on a keyed electric start system for the GX35? Could this be done?

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    It's do-able, you need an electric starter first, I've seen Mitsubishi clones on feebay that have the electric start where the rope pull would go, then you'd have to rig a moped,motorcycle, riding lawnmowers tumbler to the electric switch, then probably a 12V battery.Again do-able, but complete nonsense unless you are so ill you can't pull start it, GX35 is one of the easiest pull starting engines there is.The electric start hangs way off, the battery and starter will add about 10lbs, then what if your battery doesn't work, with the clutch, no way to start.Stay with the rope pull.
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    I guess I'm fine with the rope pull. Just a little tinkering progect I was thinking about doing. But to keep the weight & bulkiness of the bike down I think I'll stick with the pull start. I guess an electric key ignition would be more sensible on a bike with a 50cc or bigger in frame engine.