Keyed Ignition Switch Install

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by graucho, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. graucho

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    Well, when I hear of a keyed ignition on a motored bicycle I smile and have to laugh. Keyed ignition? what for? If someone wants my bike their going to ride off with it, or throw it in the back of their truck, etc.etc. Ive always thought my toggle switch by my throttle was good enough. But then my wife says....since when, is "good enough", "good enough" for you?
    Then I thought, ya! And what about the "hey man thats cool" factor that been with me since a kid. Well forget if it makes sense or not, I had to do it anyways.

    First, It had to be slim. It had to be "out if the way". It had to match the bike. And, I had to keep my "toggled kill switch" by the throttle.

    Next I had to find the proper keyed switch. I used the top one. I re-soldered thicker 18 ga wires to the switch posts.

    Then I had to find the correct mounting devise. Hum, what do I use?

    Where do I put it?

    How do I mount it?

    What color do I make It?

    How do I mount it?

    How do i wire it, and how will the wires fit?

    How does it look?

    Who will I share it with?

    I hope this sparks a few ideas for people. Feel free to swipe my design, or show me yours. graucho

  2. fetor56

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    Nice professional job there graucho,encourages members to follow your example.Well done and i'll be doing the same. :)
    PS...But not from that dealer,$12 for the switch...$83 for freight........i'll try local.
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  3. BSA

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    Super idea. I'm gonna put it on my next build.
  4. That's so fly,man. That rules HUGE!!

    Hey! How about having that key switch going in your handlebar? How crazy would that be?

    If I had a welder you KNOW that would be a steel pipe welded on the frame.
  5. fetor56

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    I bought this today and intend putting it on my 4-stroke(probably on the handlebars)...AU$8.50
  6. hot70cc

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    LOL, sorry have to laugh, Must have alot of time on your hands. Also from the looks of your bike you could've bought a motorcycle for the amount of money you had spent on that. Very nice bike all pimped out.
  7. Dude. You think that's pimp,you should check out his mini choppers.
  8. fatboy67

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    great stuff

    Wow your bike looks a million dolars. Thank you for taking the time to post all the step by step photos and also where to buy the item. Great idea.
    Hey what was the Boost bottle under your fule tank?????

    Thanks for thinking of others with your work
  9. Aussie_Glenn

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    Hey Fetor, where'd you get the switch?

  10. fetor56

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    A place called Barry's's a local auto electrician were i live but i'm sure any good auto electrician would have them.I like it cos it's small/cheap/nice quality, & when it's in the ON position the key can't withdraw.
  11. fastboy9

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    just seen your bike! that looks great! brilliant thread as well, I'll definetely be trying this.
  12. graucho

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    Thanks everyone, fatboy67, heres where I purchased the Boost Bottle. I ordered it with the intake that had the intake hose fitting already installed. It saved me 1.5 hrs. for the little extra money.
  13. (thinking in my mind)

    Switch to inside handlebar handle.
    Make handlebar grip hole on the end just big enough for key to fit.
    Fit hand grip over key fob.
    Drill small hole at middle of handlebar to the side of stem to guide wires.
    Or have the hole inside the gooseneck and guide the wires thru the gooseneck then thru the frame somehow
    for total wire stealth. If you can get this then you can completely cover up all the wires. Coil will have a small hole on the end plugged with a grommet. Magneto set up the same way.
    Epic win!
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  14. graucho

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    Cool idea Large! Wrap electrical tape around the switch before putting in the handlebars. I touched the switch to the frame as a test, and it will kill (short out) the bike when it is running. Thats why I mounted it in a hard plastic item. But theres many ways around that. That would be so cool with a key hanging out of the end of the bars! I was hopeing to spark some new ideas.
  15. fastboy9

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    good idea! until you clip the lampost lol, seriously though i'm going to do this next weekend
  16. fetor56

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    It is a good idea putting the keyed switch IN the end of the handlebars and i was seriously concidering it but since i bring my bike inside every night through a narrow opening(my bike gets cold ;)) i figured i'de wreck the key in no-time.I'll settle for making a bracket and putting everything ON the handlebars.
  17. It would be tough too getting the wires all inside and hidden. Then you would have to rig your bike somehow that you can't spin your handlebar around for that would mean epic fail,having your wires all twisted up by the gooseneck.
    You'll need steering stops like what they do to motorcycles.
  18. fetor56

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    I think i'll have a go at this Large...the wires don't necessarily need to be thick and they don't necessarily need to exit through the steering head;they can exit anywhere u drill a small hole on the underside of the handlebars,preferably near the steering head.
    The key can be cut down so it won't get in the way as much.
    It would be for my 4-stroke so as soon a Dax gives more info about his Titan's electrical system(PDF of owners manual) i'll see if it's workable.
    IF it is workable whoever does this will have something uniquely practical,another MBc first.
  19. eltatertoto

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    very cool wiring the switch in!!, i think i might try to mount my switch like that. purty neat!
  20. terrence

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    Just came across this thread. graucho that is so cool in a funny way. Empty Airborne container? Who would have thunk? LOL It looks like it was made for the bike. Great job. terrence