Kicking myself in Colorado...

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    So I stumbled across the forum a while back, and I finally ordered a 2 stroke kit at the end of last week. It showed up yesterday and today I started to throw it on the bike.
    I lost a washer, had to remove the front gearing to mount the motor, and as I was putting the carb on, the intake manifold broke. There goes the idea of riding it tomorrow.

    Anyways, thought it was about time I introduced myself, and I have a few questions that I'll post later, but this one I'm gonna ask now:

    Would it be okay to jb weld the manifold? And where should I look for a new one?

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    you could try it but since these engines vibrate like a washing machine I doubt anything will keep the manifold together. Just order a new one. Google "motorized bicycle parts"
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    You might wanna try