Kickstand dilema- coaster brake and expansion chamber?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Fletch, Dec 28, 2011.

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    I have a coaster brake hub, so the brake arm prevents me from using a rear mount kickstand like I usually do. I also have an expansion chamber which goes right along where a traditional center stand would mount. I can't use one of those rear axle mount "swing down" types either because my hub is a Nexus internal 3 spd and there is no extra axle to mount that kind to.

    It seems I'm S.O.L.? Do I really have to get rid of my expansion chamber to get a kickstand on this thing?

    In my experience even the heavy duty double leg center stands don't hold up to the weight of a steel cruiser with engine and shift kit because the actual bike bends where the kickstand attaches to that thin metal.

    If anyone can remedy this you're a genius! I'm almost thinking you'd have to build a kickstand to mount on the rear somehow.

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    Fletch, post a couple pics of the bike, showing the rear triangle especially. I'd bet, if I could see the structures involved, I could come up with a solution, and send you a sketched design. If you can, include in the pics a strip of white cardboard with clear lines every inch alongside the area where you'd like to mount the kickstand.
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    That would be great! I'll get you some pics ASAP. Thanks
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  5. crazyman

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    Could you make the kickstand come off the right side somehow instead?
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    Right side is no problem. I was actually looking online to see if they sold any stands for the right side. I couldn't find any (especially rear).
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    Is it within your capacity to weld two lugs onto the backs of your drop-outs? If so, you might want to contemplate a rear wheel bail stand, one that actually holds the rear wheel off the ground. Look to pics of early pre-WWI machines to get the details, as that was the stand of choice back then. Easy to fabricate.
    the Old Sgt. :army:
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    Looked at your pics. You aen't kidding, that's a bit crowded.

    Sgt Howard is making a good suggestion, and I don't think you need to weld anything onto the dropouts. Move the rear fender strut mounts to the inside of the dropouts, and use a longer bolt in the hole, nylock nut to hold the strut snug to the dropout, and use the extra bolt length as the pivots for a one piece stand formed out of 3/8" slick rod. Form the shape as shown in the attached wire frame sketch, and hammer the ends flat and drill to slide over the shafts of the pivot bolts.

    For purposes of the sketch I guesstimated the distance above and behind the axle that the struts mount is. You want the stand to swing down under the rear tire and slightly forward of the center line. To store for riding just lift the bike, kick the stand back, then swing it up and clip (or velcro tie) it to the back of the rear rack.

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    Thanks for the sketch and suggestion. I like your idea, and agree with Sgt. Howard about that being the best option.

    I have some questions about shaping the slick rod (never worked with it before), but before I get there.... I was just thinking about cutting the brake arm off of the nexus hub. Normally this would cause a problem, but i think it would be fine considering the shift kit freewheel doesn't allow for the chain to be pedaled backward at all, and the coaster brake could never possibly be engaged. Since I already have the rear kickstand I was using with the old hub, this might be the easiest and quickest fix. What do you think?

    I would probably drill a hole in the remaining part of the coaster arm and use something to secure it to the frame like a cable tie just to keep it from moving as an added measure. I don't think it would move anyway.
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    You can't make something like this work on the rear axle?

  11. Fletch

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    No because there isn't any extra space on the axle. The right side is where the gear shifter attaches to the axle, and the nut on the left side barely screws all the way on (enough threads). It's a shimano nexus 3 speed internal gear hub. If it was a normal hub then there would be more space on the axle.

    I'm going to just cut the coaster arm. With the freewheel/shiftkit there is no possible way to engage the coaster brake anyway (no risk). I have side pull brakes, and don't use the coaster anyway. That way I can my rear kickstand back on that mounts to the frame where the coaster arm is blocking it.

    In the future, if I switch hubs on this bike I will get one without coaster. It came with a rear 7 speed freewheel, but the axle has bent twice with the shift kit, so I'm using this Nexus hub I've had sitting around.