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    I recently posted a thread about my Staton gear drive install. I used a 19" Schwinn, womens frame. The standard kickstand doesn't work, and this is weird. The rear brake is a center pull mounted along the bottom of the frame. This interferes with anything but a standard, light duty aluminum kickstand. I have been through several to try and make something work. A rear frame mount (got in the way of the chain drive) Pyramid double (interfered with brake cable) and now a rear axle heavy wire loop that fits over the tire and stands the bike. This last rear axle model will need to be fitted with a custom mount in order to have it fit properly. It was not really made to fit a bike with a derailier. Has anyone else had a problem mounting their kickstand? Can you make your own? I am planning on mounting it outboard of the rear axle nuts, as thats the only way I can see it attaching. I may have to machine a small part to make an adapter. Hope this link works. See for picture.

    Thanks - Mike in St. Louis, Mo

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    I've seen those and I'd like to use one but it would mean having a longer axle, something not in the cards for me with the vintage bike I have. I had the idea of screwing a wide bristle brush to one to 'sweep' the tire when the thing was in the up position as well.

    I've seen photos of a similar stand used I believe in Holland on the front wheel....wonder if that could be used effectively on the front?
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    I have that kickstand, but I have a coaster brake rear hub and the kickstand mounts with the same nuts that hold the azle in place- not easy tightening the chain correctlyand attaching the stand correctly at the same time.
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    To the SirJakesus

    yes that's a nice strong looking kickstand - with a great price
    going to look at my MB in the morning
    also think that some bars may be in the way
    but - it's worth another look

    my center stand --
    works good on most MBs
    but - with my mountain bicycle - 26" tires -- not the greatest
    fell over the other day -- Don't Like That -- at least it was on grass !!!

    that handlebar end piece mirror also looked pretty good
    I have been riding for some time without a mirror
    told by the LAW to do what bicycles do in regards to REGS
    does not call for a mirror on bicycle
    a mirror may be in order.....

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
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    The Blackburn bar end mirror I use is convex so it gives me more of a rear view of the road than even my SV650's (motorcycle) mirrors. Being on the bar end it doesn't take up valuable real estate on the handlebars either, and doesn't seem to get disturbed much by vibration.

    Check out Kawasaki999's speedy goose pictures. He has a neat double legged centerstand that works on his mountain bike. It looked like an even better solution as long as you had the right clearances.
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