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  1. jmr3394

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    Where can I find a relatively cheap kickstand more my motorbike. Should i get a single or double leg? The single leg i have now seems to unscrew itself after riding for awhile. Please comment. Thanks :eek:

  2. Pablo

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    Doubles are OK, but kind of bulky and get in the way.

    These weasels have one on sale:

    They also have a nicer adjustable one.
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  3. jmr3394

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    where do you put those kind on your bike?
  4. Pablo

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    In the rear, on the left side.
  5. vegaspaddy

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    I have two stands, one a double which mounts in the original bracket were the cheap one is, the other is a rear stand, like pablo said the double is big and due its size folds up over the rear wheel and stays pretty close to the ground, big spring holds it in place.

    The single rear stand is also a good alternative, it mounts just in front of the dropouts at the bottom of the bike. If you look at its connection point it has 2 bolts and once mounted they can be thread glued on there and that will never move again. This stand works great with my friction drive setup were most of the weight of the kit is located over the rear wheel.

    double stand beast, whats cool is it actually will lift one of your wheels of the ground, perfect for repairs on the fly...

    rear stand solid for the weight on back, front generic stand is long gone !!!!!!!
  6. jmr3394

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    so which should i get? I have a chain driven bike
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    Seems to me, the only kickstands that hold with all of the added extra weight of the motor kit and gas, are the double type stands. Even those types fail in time if you're not careful with them.

    This is what I use: IMG_0587.jpg


    This is also a nice stand: fr34090s.jpg

    Hope you find one that works for you, cheers.

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  8. vegaspaddy

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    there was a discussion about kickstands on here a while back and most people voted overall for the double leg kickstand, its big but when you have an engine who cares, its holds solid.... its around $25 but worth the extra $$$$$

    it dont get better than this !!!!!!!
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    ok double it is! where can i get one?
  10. vegaspaddy

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  11. Happy Valley

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    Anyone know where they sell the Dutch style, under the wheel kickstands?