Kid from New Jersey



From what I know so far is that I am the first person on this web site from New Jersey. I'm in the web sight yo :cool: January 17, 2007. I already asked and found out what I needed so far from here. I any one though needs my help expecially with how the engine runs, be my gust to ask for help :)

I was introduced to this sight from the guy on, I bought my 70cc engine from him. But what realy got me here is my intrest in engines, and how stuff works. In my town I am actually known as the teenager who can rig and fix stuff up. (I am also relighable scine I don't give up on my ideas with my creative mind.) I go from Play Station 2 to engines. Learning new stuff is my hobby.

Also... Prepare to see updated pictures of my gas bike very very soon

The kid in the neighborhood,



Welcome Stephen, looking forward to reading about your creative solutions. Prepared for gas bike pics.



we all live & learn from each other every day here, so you'll fit right in, sherryc8641 8)

welcome to the MBC!! 8)
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