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  1. Russntustin

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    Just passing along my kill switch box idea........
    This was inspired by Ozi's post about his "CDI enclosure with kill switch"
    Just a small plastic box with a small toggle switch. Held to the bottom of the CDI with double-back foam tape.

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  2. fetor56

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    I wouldn't trust foam tape to hold the box indefinately but the rest of the box u did very well....blends-in great.
  3. MotorMac

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    CDI box

    Looks good, I have something similar but mine is on top of the CDI box and its epoxy glued on.
  4. Bryan Smith

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  5. Russntustin

    Russntustin New Member

    Nice stuff Bryan...but what is the large "toggle" for??
  6. KCvale

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    I just posted a topic about this yesterday.

    I used the "Keyboard Lock" keyswitch from an old beige desktop PC.


    The box it is in is half a 1x1.5x2" Radio Shack project box.
    I put the switch in-line with the black CDI ground wire, and epoxied the whole closed.

    The key comes out in both on and off positions.
    You can't open it and hot wire hot it either, it is filled with epoxy, break it off and CDI wires go with it.
  7. Bryan Smith

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