Kill Switch Connect to White Wire from Engine?


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Jul 9, 2008
Westerly, Rhode Island
Hello, I finally got my 70cc bike running. I havent wired up the kill switch yet, but this guide I downloaded off of the website says to wire the kill switch wire to the white wire coming out of the motor. Yet another guide says to wire it to both of the blue wires coming out of the cdi and motor. Also I have one of the kill switch wires grounded to the frame.

Which is the correct way, or will both of these ways work? I know the white wire from the motor is the 3w power one, and my kill switch has two wires, one black and one yellow.
I connected the kill switch yellow wire to the white wire on my engine, but that did not kill the engine when i hold the button. Ill try hooking up the black kill switch wire to the white wire, and then grounding the yellow wire to the frame.

edit: Now it works with the yellow wire connected to the two blue wires. I hope that is the safer way insteaad of hooking it up the the white power wire.
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The only correct way is to NOT hook up that kill switch!

If it is held while wheel is moving and clutch engages it can kill the magneto.
If the switch shorts out it can kill magneto.
If wiring shorts out you can kill magneto trying to start / troubleshoot motor.
It can partially short and cause a load on magneto that decreases performance and eventually kills the magneto.
Long term use of switch can kill magneto.
It introduces an extra point of failure that can cause trouble, and kill the magneto.

A PROPER kill switch will run in series with the blue wires and break the circuit between the magneto and CDI and does not short out or overload magneto.
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The first time I hooked up a kill switch I put the white wire into the mix.. lol... DO NOT DO THAT... I did fry my magneto. (just to throw that out there) The white wire is a hot lead, (live wire 6V)