kill switch ideas


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Jun 15, 2008


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stringer -- switch looks good -- if looks mean anything ?? I have heard a lot about switches here -- some seem to be a problem !!! Should be a very simple long lasting part... Do you know - the price of this one ? Happy Riding from - Mountainman
hi this one is 11.99. seems like a good quailty one to replace this junk toggle i got. its got 2 wires, i guess one is for ground? i really dont know a thing about these. i guess it would work :confused:
yes it will work, you hook one wire to the bike frame, & the other to the + side of the cdi unit, mine has a blue wire, or you can hook the switch to each side of the cdi unit, one to black, the other side to the blue or green, it just shorts the hot side to ground, to kill the spark. i use a small off/on switch. it confuses most people.when you turn the kill switch on, it turns the engine off.