Kill Switch or choke it out?



Is it better to use the kill switch to shut off the engine OR fully choke the motor to kill it? I have read that it's better to use the choke and to use the kill switch for emergency cut-off? Something about burning up the valve?
When my killswitch was broken, I had to kill the engine by choking it. Whenever I did, the engine made a horrible churning, turning over noise before dieing and was difficult to start next time. maybe it was just my engine. I choose the killswitch.
You do run the risk of fouling a spark plug by constantly choking it to shut it off....and if you do decide you have to restart it moments after choking it off, the engine can oftentimes be cantankerous to get going even if the plug isn't fouled simpy due to the excess fuel in the crankcase. Kill switches work fine, but the cheapie ones supplied with most kits can short out and cause if using a kill switch, it might be wise to buy a better one. Myself, I simply set my idle speed screw to such a low speed that the engine actually stalls when I back completely off the throttle. Yes, this means pedal starting it each time I come to a stop. But, I figured if I set it this way, I'd have no choice but to pedal it instead of being tempted to release the clutch from a standing start.....thereby reducing wear on my clutch. I removed the clutch cover from my Dax a few days ago and didn't find even a trace of clutch dust....and it now has well over 600 miles on it. I still have an operational kill switch installed just in case the throttle ever decides to stick, but I have never used it or the choke to shut down my engine.


EDIT: I should clarify that when I back off the throttle with intentions of shutting off the engine, I first pull in the clutch and lock the pin. If you don't pull the clutch in first, it will still stop...but it comes to a rather abrupt and jerky stop which can't be good for it
just pop the clutch :) if I'm freewheeling its the choke, since I haven't installed my switch yet :)
My kill switch crapped out 3 minutes into the break-in. I just let the clutch out.