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Feb 25, 2008
Hi. I just bought the 65cc two stroke kit and I waited two weeks and I finally got it yesterday! I have been working on it and im almost done, I just need to connect the kill switch and install the exhaust, and then I think everything will be connected. I have one question though, do both wires from the killswitch go to the white wire, and does the white wire just hang, or does it connect to the motor? I have a blue, black, and white wire. blue is on blue, black is on black, and the white is just hanging at the moment. I appreciate your help!
To answer your question: just take the white wire and connect it to any side of the switch, you can't screw up, then take the unused side of switch and hook a wire to it. This wire will go anywhere on the frame.
Now when you push the kill switch in, the power in the white wire goes through the switch into the frame, grounding out the engine. Simple eh?
Oh, Okay, that makes a lot of sense. It doesnt really explain it on the website, and the thread above doesnt really help me understand it, but now that you explain it I can understand the posted thread. I was under the impression that you would plug BOTH wires into the white wire, which I didnt understand how it contained power because it wasnt plugged to anything. That makes sense though, I will try it tomorrow!
It is strongly recommended you have a good read of that thread that was linked.

Basically there is a theory that the std kill switch, by shorting out the ignition system, is linked to premature failure of these units.
I was going to keep out of this one but instead I would ask that the two electrical guys that have been posting over the last few days tell us what they think.
What do you think "likearock"
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