Kill the vibration


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Jun 4, 2008
I am having some motormounts designed for the HT engines. would you be willing to pay 50 dollars for substantially reduced vibration?
yeah, i think it would be worth it, especially if they solve the issue of the engine bolts shearing out of the block.
Great idea, but I really don't have any vibration so far- at least that is uncomfortably noticeable. I have gone about 34mph on my bike now and can't really tell I have a motor on it. I posted my idea a while ago, and it got very little response. It's been nothing but successful for me since day one. And it cost me about $5.00 to make. The big fear was the stress on the back mount. So far I haven't noticed any breakage or stress fractures at all. I used rubber in all area's, and that seems to absorb most of the residual vibration.

I would be curious to see what you come up with though.

couple pic's of what I did:

Since the pic, I added a neoprene washer on top of the bolt for any backlash from the spring.

thanks for the heads up thinking!!

Troy Fitz.


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Carrot cool idea, no great idea. In the 1st pic your wires are right in the pinch point of the know better.
"In the 1st pic your wires are right in the pinch point of the know better. "

Your right I do, that was only a build pic. :D

Here is a more complete build pic:

All nice and tidy!


Troy Fitz.


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I'll be looking into exhaust hangers from the local auto parts store to use as shims, bushings, mounts, etc.
carrot! excellent thinking and ingenuity! please make a build thread about what parts you used and where you got them, i think your idea is the best solution i've seen so far in respect to mounting issues.
I fabricated complete new mounts. Front AND rear that have 6mm rubber that insulate the mount from the frame, and I only got one response.