Killed bike with too much clutch, after riding through water, now no spark

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by pntballr, Sep 5, 2015.

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    it had just rained so i went "mudding" in my moms neighborhood (i also have a truck but my dad would kill me if i took it off roading so i default to the bike lol) i just went through a few 3 or 4 inch deep puddles and such. then while in grass, i pulled the clutch in to stop, then in the grass i tried to start out with just the engine, gave it too much clutch and killed it. i went back out to some asphault to start it and it wouldnt start, it tried for almost 30 mins. so i threw it back in the truck and drove home. pulled her apart, put in a new spark plug and still no workie workie. checked continuity with a multimeter from the cdi to magneto connection to the spark plug cap and the head and it is continuous. 700 ohms or so. i tried checking from the magneto peice (just shoving the probe onto part of the metal peice which wraps around the magnet) to the connection to the cdi and it showed 0 ohms so no continuity. idk if that means i done broke it or what, but now my trucks not running so for the next week the bike (also not choochin) is my only form of transportation to and from work/school/store. any help would be much appreciated.
    ps. I pulled the little thread cover deal off of the spark plug where it connects to the spark plug cap/boot.
    I have yet to try hooking up the multimeter to the connection between the cdi and magneto because i dont have any alligator clips and itd be a pain to hold and try to ride the bike down a hill (the chain from the pedals to the back wheel broke and im too lazy to fix it lol)

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    unhook wires, take ohms reading from blue wire of mag to ground - should be 350 ohms or sometimes 480ohms, if it is zero then your mag got fried by the water (some folks like to paint a line of clear nail polish along the seam of that cover and the place where wires come out to keep it dry inside)
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    it is saying zero, but when i run the bike. (hook a drill up to a socket and that up to the nut that the magnet for the magneto is on with the clutch engaged) and hook my multimeter up to the blue and black (im using black as negative) it says it is only outputting .7-.9 volts. I am very possibly wrong as that could be the desired voltage but im pretty darn sure it takes more than .7 volts to spark the plug and make the gasomaline worky worky.
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    I've seen guys strip the end of the crank spinning it with a drill - just get a new mag since ohms are the only reading that matters
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    Thanks for the warning. guess thats the end of the electric start :(
    I will order a new magneto then. i was kinda hopin i could fix it. The help is much appreciated. i just dont understand why it would run fine through the water, then when 10 minutes after i get out of the puddles i kill it with the clutch and then it wont start again.
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    don't know for sure, but my theory from seeing this kind of thing over the years is that the cheap coating on the wires inside the coil starts to dissolve after getting wet, then after a while, the wires short together
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    it's when they stay wet that they corrode. I've got 4 holes on my magneto cover, ride in the rain or through creeks all the time and have around 1100 miles on my current magneto
  8. Perhaps remove magneto cover and blow with compressed air.....

    Let dry......