Killer Find! Killer Deal!

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    Went to the local station to air up the Zipp/Chopper electric I had acquired some time back when I noticed two double top tube frmes at the local junquaria (second-hand stuff store). I went over to investigate and saw that they were two WORKSMAN bikes! One was missing the front wheel, both were missing seats, both had trashy ID paint jobs ("section such-and-such" stenciled over a bad spray can job), there were rust spots on the fenders and chainguards... but the frames were straight and intact, and the three wheels present rolled easy and true!
    Got them both for $50.

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    Niiice! Posts pics! :)
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    Killer deal!

    I will split this to make sure it gets there- here is the first half

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    Here are the rest- you will note they were origionally yellow

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