Killing motor using choke.

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  1. Kallinikos

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    Hi guyyss :)
    Got a 66cc motorized bicycle and the kill switch is terrible. It doesn't cut the motor off at all, when the button is pressed you can hear it trying but only slows it down slightly. So now i just use the choke to cut the motor off. Will this wreck my motor if i use the choke?

  2. motorpsycho

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    nope, not at all. all you are doing is starving the engine of air when you close the choke. all it's doing is allowing more fuel than air to get sucked into the engine.
    too much fuel is better than too much won't hurt anything.
    if the choke would hurt something, they never would have been invented.
  3. Esteban

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    It won't hurt it . If you try to restart it soon after, you may find that it is flooded, though. Hold open the throttle fully to start, then.
    Those cheap kill-switches are junk. You can buy a spring loaded toggle switch from an auto parts dealer that works great. Fasten it to handlebars or stem.
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    Kill it

    I Just had similar issue, wouldnt kill engine, well some how the switch was not hooked up correctly, It would start and all but not kill it. I read the directions closly and now it kills it. choke only needed when cold or 1st. start here.
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    What were those direction? My instruction manual is ****.
  6. Lazieboy

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    You runnin a Grubee 66cc slant head? if so you got digital instruction manual off website where u got kit.
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    For safety purposes, I'd recommend fixing your kill switch. If your throttle stucks and you panic, it'll take precious seconds to reach the choke, especially if your body is not in position to reach it. With the kill on the handlebar, I can kill the engine in a fraction of a second. I would have to take my eyes off the road and fumble for my choke, especially, if I'm in a "tucked in" position.:ack2:

    I use this one, which I like:
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    At the moment i've not fitted a kill switch for the motor but will get round to doing so as i have one spare if i can remember where i've put it. Therefore at the moment i'm having to stop the motor using the choke which is becoming a real pain as one has to keep getting of the bike when the motor isn't required or running in idle mode.

    Happy MB riding
  9. scooter3

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    Could pull the spark plug wire off it. That would cut the spark off the same as the kill switch. Just don't touch the head while you doing could be a shocking experience. (pun intended)
  10. Al.Fisherman

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    I'm with you...don't ride without a kill switch.
  11. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member many of you remember killing a lawnmower with a spring tab that was attached to the head, and touching the spark plug, thus grounding it out.