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  1. cdoddsie15

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    i just took my bike out for a run and i went to cut it off and the killswitch doesnt work!! ahhhhh
    i had to stall it to shut the engine off
    i did like the instructions said yellow to the blue wires and black to ground
    does anyone know why it didnt work?

  2. They are junk....
  3. cdoddsie15

    cdoddsie15 New Member

    what would you suggest i do
    buy a new one?
    i thought and could it have somthing to do with the paint or is that not a factor?
  4. JohnnyLoves

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    make sure its properly grounded. I had the same problem. Tie the kill switch into the wires coming from the magneto to the CDI. black with black, blue to blue with yellow.
  5. Possible, you need to scrape the paint of to get to bare metal. Alot of people dont use them, too many problems. I have mine hooked up but would only use it in a emergency, like if throttle stuck open. I just have my idle set so that it stalls to turn off, or you could choke it to kill engine. It is questionable as to whether these "fry" the magneto.
  6. cdoddsie15

    cdoddsie15 New Member

    thanks for the replies
    misterigt, how do you set it so that when you let it idle it shuts off?
  7. JohnnyLoves

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    get your engine started, than turn the screw counterclockwise in quater turns until it stalls out. Simple enough.
  8. cdoddsie15

    cdoddsie15 New Member

    i might try redoing the wires then do that
    thanks for all the help guys
  9. brendonv

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    mines setup like that also, it idles,brake, stalls, then shuts off.
  10. GasKicker

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    You said "yellow to blue and black to ground"? On my kits it has always been black to blue and yellow to ground. Check again.
  11. Marktur

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    Let your motor idle! When you need to shut it off you have two choices:

    #1 - Lift up the choke (This is what I do.)
    #2 - From a stop, pop the clutch

    Get rid of the kill switch - it creates all kinds of problems, including high EMF output that messes up digital speedometer, and will probably make you grow an extra limb or worse! :)
  12. I have been reading that EMI post and I dont have any of those problems. The extra wire from the throttle mounted kill switch is coiled up right next to my digital speedo. I would not ride without some emergency kill switch..

    My wiring is black from engine to black on CDI
    blue from engine to blue on CDI
    white from engine to yellow on kill switch
    black from kill switch to "good" ground on bicycle frame.
    I used the water bottle mount for my ground.

    I very seldom use the kill switch, I stall the engine to stop. But I feel more comfortable knowing it is there. You dont want to be going down the road at 20 or 30 mph heading for an intersection, with the throttle stuck open, fumbling around trying to find the choke...

    Just my opinion......
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  13. GasKicker

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    hmm! Interesting thread!
    The simplest fix for you would be to use misterright's wiring configuration. Just take your yellow wire off of the blue and attach it to the white, you should be fine.
    The killswitch functions by gounding the power supply. The correct configuration (in my earlier reply) grounds the power supply lead to the CDI. Misterright's configuration grounds the alternate power supply. Both accomplish the same thing, depriving the CDI of power to fire the plug.
    Come to think of it, your original configuration is backwards, but it should still work. Assuming that there are no breaks in the wiring and the connections to the blue wire and the ground are good. Where did you put the ground wire? There is always the possibility that the killswitch is defective. Remember, these things WERE made in CHINA.
    P.S. I don't have any problem from EMF. In fact, I've grown an extra finger on my left hand. This is great! Now I can count to eleven without unzipping my pants. Rock on!!!
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  14. Marktur

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    Now THAT was funny! I don't care who ya are! ;)
  15. graucho

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  16. Sound's too complicated


    Thought I saw it mentioned somewhere before, but I was just going to take out the yellow switch and replace it w/ a simple on/off toggle switch. - already purchased, fits perfect w/ a little trimming on the back. I was going to run it to both sides of the blue wire. It would be the same principle as a battery kill switch like I have on my car - nothing to short, it would just kill the power to the CDI, and that's it.
    Is there a reason why something this simple wouldn't work??

    This is one of the projects I will be working on today - pic's to follow.


    Troy Fitz.
  17. No reason it shouldnt work Fritz. Alot of people have done it that way to keep from grounding the magneto, and possible burning it out...
  18. Click my link Carrot!

    (Above you)
  19. KiDD

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    Ya my kill switch crapped out on the second day of me riding it... worthless piece of plastic really! Couple bucks nets you a toggle switch you just connect to the wires and mount however you want.