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    Hey guys I think I was on this forum 6 years ago and I saw a bike engine that was like the Motor Wheel.

    The one on this forum used a small briggs engine and had one wheel, it kind of worked like a swingarm on the left side of the bike can anybody find the photo I am talking about thanks for your help.

    Oh here is a video of my bike engine that I came up with it is a trailer type with two wheels.

    Stuart Brandt Danville Virginia

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    here is a photo of my engine. 550343_558226527533697_222584784_n.jpg
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    Welcome aboard.

    I have some familiarity with your part of the world. Been to Danville a handful of times. The local John Dealer was a customer. The last time I was there was in the last few days of the DC sniper, before he was caught. Part of the work I did was outside, behind the place. About an hour or so. The whole time a local Danvile police car sat half-way across the lot. The guy sat and watched me and did nothing else that I could see.

    I wondered why but didn't ask. I figured it was something like, 'this guy looks legitimate. But he's a stranger and under these circumstances I'm not letting him out of my sight'. And considering that I felt kinda spooked myself, I really didn't mind law enforcement staying close. It was only a few nights earlier that that one guy had been shot in the Ponderosa parking lot on I-95. I also happened to be nearby when he was caught a few days later in southern Maryland. All in all that was a very creepy trip.

    but....back to business. I'm afraid I can't help in identifying that wheel. It sounds familiar, but that's all I can come up with.

    But that's a nice looking bike and pusher you've got there.
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    Ok glad to hear the cop was ok they love my pusher.
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    My post vanished with a couple of videos.
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    I still have not found the bike engine I looked at a few years ago.

    It had one wheel like the Motor Wheel on google.

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    Another photo.

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