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    Hi All,
    I thought it's about time I posted some photos of my bike. It's still a "work in progress' (whos isn't :grin5:) but to date I have added 2 front lights, rear light, a motorbike horn and Large Filipino's clutch mod. With the lights I modified some retro ones and added LED's. The horn is a 12v motorbike horn which uses a really small 12v battery. The mod can be found here.

    I am also using a double brake lever but am still having trouble with my brakes. They stop ok but I have a nasty squeak on the front brakes if I put them on too hard. I have tried to wipe off the dust but it still squeals. Any ideas?

    2012-03-16_1331883451.jpg 2012-03-16_1331883527.jpg IMG_2068.jpg IMG_2069.jpg IMG_2070.jpg IMG_2071.jpg IMG_2072.jpg IMG_2073.jpg IMG_2074.jpg

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    Clean your front rim with alcohol or other solvent. Sand the braking surface of your brake bads. If it still squeaks, you probably need to buy new brake pads. Even new brake pads can sometimes harden and become inflexible, adding to the squeak.
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    Cheers Wheelbender6 - i'll give it a shot.
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