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    i did mount panorama, i did mount panorama...

    yeah so what... just a road. still. for something thats(car) 3 hours away, its strange i havent done it before.

    bit unusual, driving along at 60km/h on a main straight...

    glad to be back. working trips are fun but not.

    but i so have to do it on the pushy. ill wait for summer?

    should be more roads as racetracks :)

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    It's only till you drive around Mount Panorama that you realise just how awesome that piece of road is, and the history contained on (and sometimes in) that tarmac.

    in 1993 Larry Perkins was the first driver to crack 300 through the chase using a genuine Australian built cast iron block V8 in a heavily revamped, but earlier model VL Commodore, when all of the other teams were running current model vehicles; using American Chevrolet and Ford SVO engines.

    That's when the rot set in, and Australian motor racing has never been the same. An Australian made car should use an Australian designed and an Australian built engine, and the racing vehicle should use "all" Australian designed and built components, as well as being able to directly transplant the mechanical internals of the racing car into the road car - like it used to be, and how it should be!

    Since 1996, i have never been to a V8 Supercar race, and from about 5 years ago, i haven't watched any of the V8 Supercar races.

    At this point in time i only watch Formula 1 and MotoGP, and have completely lost interest in World Superbike (which used to be a great formula) now no longer resembling the mechanical componentry of the road bikes that they are supposed to represent.
    Crikey, the Yamaha race bike doesn't even have fuel in the fuel tank anymore, with fuel being located under the seat - that's just plain wrong.