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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Neufcruz, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. Neufcruz

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    I ordered my top hat and sprocket on 11/25. Been calling and leaving messages with no luck. Anyone deal with this company on here?

  2. dougsr.874

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    I've posted on here numerous times NOT to deal with Kings, Gas Bikes, or Zone 8....all the same company......basically you're SCREWED
  3. Neufcruz

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    I said King Sales. Not kings bikes. I think they are 2 different companies but then again they seem to run business the same way. Finally got a hold of someone and was busy working on his roof. I had to text him my order info.
    Hopefully I'm not screwed. Lol
  4. Legwon

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    im guessing ur referring to this one ....??

    far as i know... last 6 ppl i know of that tryed to order from them had to claim with PP and get the money back.
    kings isnt responding in anyway to anyone.
  5. Neufcruz

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    Yes, thats them! Unfortunately I paid with Visa. can I dispute this charge? sorry, never have before.

    So if this company is crooked, then where do i get a top hat adapter to run a sprocket and disk brake?I also ordered a candy red anodized 40tooth sprocket.
    Gonna try them again and see whats up.


  6. butre

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    I've had good luck with kings sales. one guy runs the whole thing so service can be pretty slow but I've not heard of anyone getting ripped off
  7. Neufcruz

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    I ave tried again with no luck! I spoke to him the other day as by chance he picked up the phone. Literally told me for 5 minutes about his roof and how he's fixing it. understand that he's a one man team, but return emails and or voicemails so I know whats going on. Give me a logical excuse and lets move on. Keep avoiding the subject and I get nervous.

    If needed. Is there another vendor to get a top hat adapter and or colored sprocket from?

  8. Neufcruz

    Neufcruz Member

    Sorry to bring back to life but I have been very patient with Andrew. I have left multiple messages on his site, voice mails, texts which he said to do. I spoke with him twice and same story. (think he picked up by accident).
    I know its only $100.00 but right now, things aren't going great and thought I would do this project to help eliminate some stress. Now I'm getting pissed! I keep giving him a few more days to get back to me before I dispute the charge and then a few more days and so on etc... Giving him till Monday "again" and then will call bank and go through that mess. Truly hate dishonest people! So until further notice! KINGS SALES are thieves!
    Is there anyone else who sells this product?

  9. butre

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    try a BBB complaint. he'll start kissing ass then
  10. Neufcruz

    Neufcruz Member

    I hate having to do that but he's leaving me no choice. All I've asked from him is just a return call, email, text with a answer. I'm hoping he makes it right in the start of 2016!
  11. Neufcruz

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    Sorry to bring back up but wanted to let others/warn others that k
    kings Sprockets Sales/Andrew is a Fn thief. I have been so/too patient with him. So many emails and messages. I know it's only $100 but a part I need. I've been threatening to fight the transaction but kept giving him the Benefit of the doubt, only to be lied to by Andrew the owner himself. DO NOT buy from them.
    If your reading this. I would love to meet you one day and show you my gratitude . If ever in the South Beach area, please look me up. You have my address . Please. Damn thief!

    I ordered a 40t top hat. I found a 36t from a local vendor but wasn't sure how much low end I would kill. What are most using? Yes, I want as much top end but didn't want a slug out of the hole.
    Any advice is appreciated.

    Thanks all!
  12. JGH122

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    If anyone has been burnt and not received their goods you can do a charge back on your credit card.
    make sure you notify the vender you are going to do this on certain date if the goods aren't shipped.
    Also always check what the "terms and conditions" are before you agree by checking the box at the checkout.
    You just may have agreed to give the vendor all the time he needs to ship the goods.
    Credit cards provide great protection against fraudulent charges, and some can even bag you great cash-back rewards. But perhaps the best thing about paying for your purchases with a credit card is that in the event of a dispute with a merchant, it provides the ultimate ace up your sleeve: the chargeback.

    If you didn't receive the goods you ordered or you feel otherwise wronged by the transaction, a chargeback gives you a refund when the retailer won't.
  13. Neufcruz

    Neufcruz Member

    I've been so damn busy that I keep forgetting to get a hold of my bank/credit card. I have to do this this week.
    Thanks for reminder.
  14. He has my money, but he can't return a phone call or answer a text or have any concern that I might like to know about my order. He has got my money, but I don't have virtually none extinct service. Really bugs the hell out of me. He can take your my money your worked extremely hard to get, but he can't return a text, phone call, or email. The email on his site doesn't even work. It comes back as undeliverable. I thinking about finding another machine shop to do the tophats and the sprockets. Finding a machine shop through someone I know who is very reliable. It seems like this guy really doesn't want to do these sprockets and adapters anyway, but it sure seems like he enjoys using the money until whenever he decides to get around to talking to you or making the product. WE NEED SOMEONE ELSE TO GO TO BESIDE KING SALES FOR OUR CUSTOM SPROCKETS AND ADAPTERS! THIS IS A FREE AND OPEN MARKET! Even if they have a patent on the design, changing the design, but having it have the same quality and having it do exactly the same thing only different could just do the trick.

    The idea for the Tophat is great. The best out there in my opinion. The work is excellent, BUT there is NO SERVICE. I am serious. I's finding a machine shop that will make mine from the two I bought previously. Just reverse engineer it. Who will know. Or change the design, have it to the same thing and open another company that sells both customized sprockets and Tophat. The way this guy does business the field for another company to step in a fill a large need should be easy. I'm tired of dilly-dally and fiddle-faddling around when there is serious work to be done. Without literally hanging this gut because I am so upset, maybe he just needs to hire more people to take care of the customer service end. And perhaps if he did hire more people to take care of the customer service end the price of the products would increase at leaset by 25% or more.