kings stole my money

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by strainjpnt, Jul 23, 2008.

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    ok so i bought an engine off ebay from kings i sent payment via check on june 23 so finnaly july 15 came around and they said they had not recieved so i cancelled my order sure enough the day after they cash my check . so i asked for a refund and they wont even respond to my emails so now im out 180 bucks and i have no engine.
    does anyone have any suggestions

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    your bank should take care of it. what dealer is it?
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    if the check has not been paid by your bank, you can put a stop payment order on that check, but it will cost you a fee. if thats the case you should act quickly, before your bank does pay it.
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    there located in canada so i dont know if the FTC can help me
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    right, i had'nt thought of that.
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    Once that check was cashed -- it's a tough road to recovery !!! The lesson here for us all - is to use credit cards.. In cases like this - they will back us up.. Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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    I kinda doubt we are hearing the whole story here

    Would that happen to be you? maybe not but i seriously doubt that a powerseller like powerkingshop is going to "steal your money"


    Why are you using checks to pay for eBay stuff????
    Use PayPal

    They will give you a refund or resend your engine. You are just trying to smear their name hence the dramatic title on your post
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    that is the same folks I got my kit from, they will send your kit or refund your money. They are a family operation and recently lost 2 of the 5 employees. give them some time and they will make it right.
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    i sure hope so
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    and no that isnt me
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    they will
    and when I say give it some time, it usually takes two days to get an answer via email, but they do answer
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    its ive sent one every day since last friday still no response
  15. Accender

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    I bet your kit just shows up.

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    man you are something else this man post his story,, and is asking for help ..and you kick the dude in the teeth (we stick together here ).....and what i can say for the poster is i feel your pain... try to keep a level head and keep talking about this issue to who ever will listen ebays safe harbor bank or the law ebay is not the law nor is a power seller mean anything these days as the new ebay has changed
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    Here are some agencies that can help you:
    Your state attorney general
    The attorney general of their Provence in Canada
    The FBI internet fraud division (IC3)
    ...and most importantly your bank (BofA have free fraud insurance, I used it recently and there was no charge).
    oh and Ebay may be able to help.

    ..if you think about it for a minute you can come up with several other agencies that can cause them more aggravation then it is worth for them, as a matter of fact leave a message stating that you are planning on contacting attorneys general in each of the states where they do business and each state has different consumer laws, that scares the **** out of this type of crook.
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    save those, your bank will want proof that you made an effort to contact. Also keep a little journal stating dates, times and person who you contacted. Jot down any info you can remember in a little journal (date of purchase check number etc..
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    I brought my 1st engine from PowerKingShop last year and paid with PayPal. It did take about 6 or 7 weeks, but it is still working just fine. The best part was that it only cost me 178.00 in total including shipping and handling . I think that was a great price. Your engine will most likely be sent soon, it takes a long time for checks to clear between countries.
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    hey thanks man i think you are right that guy was being an *** i just wanted help and the guy went off on me