Kings upper assembly?



does anyone know if the kingsmotorbikes upper assembly they have for sale on their website is the same as the dax 70cc if not it looks like it will still work on these motors because the gasket kit they have for sale looks exactly like the gaskets on the dax 70cc. Any info would be great thank you
I tried a Kings upper assembly on a Dax and it didn't work for me. With everything installed, the piston was hitting the cylinder head. It took 3 headgaskets to get the piston to clear but then the engine ran like ****.
I wonder why it didn't run good if it fit with all the gaskets in place to clear the head. I'm thinking of trying it out and with that bit of information about the gaskets , i can avoid any damage to the head to get max performance. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. Did that upper assembly include the piston and rings?? I 'd sooner try the kings upper assembly for $50 instead of buying all the separate parts from dax at $110
to do that particular mix-n-match, it's best to stack the gaskets (if needed, i've seen both instances) at the keeps the port-timing & compression closer to original design.
:cool:Hot, it has to do with correct deck height to attain optimum compression ratio and engine performance.

Insufficient deck clearance causes the piston to kiss the head at high rpm and self-destruct. This problem is corrected by machining the piston top or using a thicker gasket(cheaper and quicker).

Excessive deck clearance causes a loss of compression ratio and power.This problem is corrected by machining the cylinder head's mating surface(flycutting) or using a thinner gasket(cheaper and quicker).

Deck height may be described as the distance between the piston's highest point and the cylinder head's lowest point. This is at the moment when the piston is at TDC(top dead center). This is the highest point that the piston can reach in the cylinder, at the compression or exhaust stroke.

I hope this helps.

original cylinder

Ok if i am using the original cylinder i read in here to use 2 cereial box gasket stacked on top of each other to replace the original in thickness is that correct?, or is it just a tad thicker than that??? thank you all for the help. I guess i will be using the original cylinder if i will lose power with the other one
2 didn't work in one case for me (stock dax70)...i still had a tad of slap...if i could do that one over again, i'd use 3 cereal-box thicknesses. what i did instead was add another head gasket. it did run just fine that way until we toasted the upper bushing, which was because cruzin was trying to go wide-open-throttle all day against the GEBE tanaka.
i tried this and they do run like $hit with that specific modification i went to the ace hardware and bought alluminum stock to raise it up