Sprockets Kit Sprocket- Drum Brake. Will it work?

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by milogasser, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. milogasser

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    Hi, all. I have ordered a 4 cycle kit from Bicycle-Engines. I would like to use drum brakes on this build. What I need to know is, are the rear bolt on sprockets compatible with drum brakes? I plan to order two drum brake wheels from Husky and swa p out one to a Sturmey Archer XRD-3 rear brake. Any input would help. Thanks, Gregory.

  2. HoughMade

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    I looked up the XRD-3...and it looks like a great hub. The problem is I don't think the clamp on sprocket with the 2 rubber "donuts" and bolts will work with it. Maybe if the middle hole were opened up enough, but I fear there would be clearance issues with the brake arm.

    Also, if you are going to swap out the hub, why but a drum brake wheel for that one? Get the front brake wheel and another front standard wheel- the rim and spokes (if they could be reused, which I do not know) would be the same. Maybe the issue is reusing the spokes- don't know about that. Anyhoo- sounds like a great build.
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    HoughMade, Thanks for the reply. I was afraid I might have to open up the sprcket. The reason I was going with the drum brake wheel to start with is price and spokes. I can reuse the spokes with the rear hub and I'll probably sell the extra front hub. Everywhere I've found the front hub, it sells for about the same price as a complete wheel from Husky. I really hope I can make the drum brakes work. I like the look the give to a MB. Later, Milo.
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    i adapted a bike with an 80cc kit on an old post office bike with a hub brakes for a friend.as it didn't need peddals i reversed the wheel after removing the sprocket and bolted the chinese sprocket on.then removed the peddals and bolted on a set of footrest that came with an old french moped lump.if you don't mind having a bike you can't peddal it worked well.the 80cc kit would climb everyhill i have encountered.it depends on how powerfull the kit you have is and if you want what we call over here in the uk a bump and jump bike.
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    Tell you what- when you get that extra front hub freed up, PM me...I'm interested.