Kits and Installation, $499 and up, Calgary!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by adamtheha, May 21, 2008.

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    Kit size: 50cc 2 stroke HT engine
    Installed price: $499 for basic no frill install
    Basic INCLUDES: Mirror, bell, headlight, brakelight, engine mounted, tuned and adjusted, 30 day guarantee on engine parts (with limitations), and short break in.
    Free telephone tech support for 90 days from experienced installer.

    Options: Enamel engine paint (various colors available), chrome finish on covers, speedometer, special cruiser bike setup.

    Available to: Riders over 16 with parental signature, or 18 with signed waiver. Must take lesson and provide own motorcycle helmet.

    Also available: Repairs on existing engines and bikes, very reasonable rates.
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    Ok, nobody knows where you are. That is one of the main reasons I ask every new person to PLEASE go to their User CP and put in a location.
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    In the title, it says Calgary. Calgary AB, Canada. I will put the location in my CP though.
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    dude super interested in the enamel paint idea, im thinking a black red or mett red jug...
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    You are replying to a post made in 2008 and the OP hasn't been seen since Last Activity 08-07-2009

    the dude ain't here no more.
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